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How to Build a Quantum Computer- A FormFactor & Tabor Electronics Collaboration

Quantum computing is reaching an inflection point. Once a technology developed and operated in experimental labs, is now being manufactured by large-scale industrial companies. The commercialization of superconducting quantum processing units (QPUs), FPGA-based microwave synthesis electronics, and ultra-low-temperature refrigerators, has resulted in the realization of a commercial-off-the-shelf, full-stack quantum systems. Such full-stack systems can be operated with ease by the end-user and enable rapid testing and characterization of qubit systems, significantly reducing the cost and time involved in such measurements and allowing for further advancements in quantum computing technology.

In this webinar we show the results of an industry collaboration between Tabor Electronics and FormFactor, Inc. using the QuantWare 5-qubit QPU. We detail the system architecture and show the results of qubit characterization. The 5-qubit QuantWare Soprano QPU is installed in a LF-600 dilution refrigerator provided by FormFactor, Inc with measurement and control performed using the Tabor Proteus P9484M-AWT PXI platform and Tabor’s Qubit Characterization software.

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