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  • Pyramid-MW Probe Card

For robust, lower cost and long-life production testing of 57 GHz to 81 GHz RFICs, FormFactor’s Pyramid-MW Probe is the world’s only mm-wave (mmW) RF production probe card that ensures reliable and repeatable measurement results critical for high-yield testing. The Pyramid-MW Probe card delivers an ultra-durable photo-lithographically defined fine-pitch tip structure that probes smaller pads and provides consistent low-contact resistance and lowers your cost of production test through fast set-ups, minimal maintenance and documented cleaning regimes.

  • Ship high-yield KGD: Consistent low contact resistance and low-inductance probe tips ensure accurate and repeatable mmW RF measurements.
  • Stable DUT operation: Power and ground planes at the DUT provide low-inductance power transmission paths. Patented bypass capacitors, physically close to DUT, ensure resonance-free DUT power supplies.
  • Production robustness: Permanent probe tip placement improves test cell uptime reducing the cost of ownership compared to other probing technologies.
  • Worldwide support and service.