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  • TESLA300 power device probe system
  • TESLA300 – Semi-automated 300 mm high power probe station
  • High current and high voltage probes on TESLA300
  • Roll-out chuck enables convenient loading of wafers
  • Full over-temperature capability with TopHat

The TESLA300 Advanced On-Wafer Power Semiconductor Probe System is an integrated high-power test solution that enables collection of accurate high-voltage and high-current measurement data up to 3 kV (triaxial) / 10 kV (coaxial) and 200 A (standard) / 600 A (high current), with complete operator safety.

The TESLA300 provides lab automation capabilities and enables high-power electrical measurements for device characterization, high-volume engineering and extremely challenging applications. It is also ideally suited in customized solutions, niche production applications, and emerging markets.

Patented AttoGuard technology built in TESLA300 significantly improves low-leakage and low-capacitance measurements. In combination with FormFactor’s patented TESLA FemtoGuard™ thermal chuck technology, the TESLA300 provides a fully guarded and shielded test environment. The high-power TESLA FemtoGuard chuck also incorporates MicroVac™ technology enabling low-contact resistance, thin wafer handling and maximum power dissipation.

Gold-plated TESLA High-power MicroVac™ Chucks

Gold-plated TESLA High-power MicroVac™ Chucks

  • Prevent thin wafers from curling and breaking
  • Advanced MicroVac chuck surface for minimum contact resistance between wafer and chuck
  • Accurate Rds(on) measurement at high current
  • Accurate UIS measurements at high temperature

TUV-certified probing environment

TUV-certified probing environment

  • Safety-rated interlock system for high-power testing (meets EN 60947-5-1, EN 60204-1)
  • Front, side and rear opening doors for ergonomic test setup and operation
  • Side panel with cable pass-through for easy equipment configuration
  • Full enclosure design (no light curtain) prevents accidentally tripping the safety interlock and stopping test

Top-lift wafer loading

Top-lift wafer loading

  • Eliminates lift-pins from chuck for best-in-class power device measurements
  • Provides lowest contact resistance from wafer to chuck
  • Supports fully automated testing up to 10kV by eliminating arcing point
  • Superior performance for vertical device measurements (no lift pin holes under device)

Roll-out chuck enables convenient loading of wafers

Rollout stage with quick access to auxiliary sites

  • Full wafer access via locking roll-out stage
  • Two patented auxiliary chucks
  • Auxiliary chucks: High voltage 10 kV compatible multi-purpose mounts for substrates (cleaning, contact)
  • Automated probe cleaning capabilities

High current and high voltage probes on TESLA300

High-voltage/current Probes

  • On-wafer power device characterization up to 10,000 V DC / 600 A
  • Reduced probe and device destruction at high currents up to 20 A DC and 300 A pulse
  • Increased isolation resistance and dielectric strength to provide full triaxial capability at high voltage (3,000 V) for low-leakage measurement

Connection panels

Connection panels

  • Coaxial, triaxial, and pin jack feed-troughs available
  • Limit cable strain and motion for measurement stability
  • Instrument stays connected to back of panel
  • Probe connection made at front of panel
  • Simple to re-arrange cabling when needed

Full over-temperature capability with TopHat

Seamless Integration

  • Convenient instrument connection kits
  • Seamless integration between Velox and analyzers/measurement software
  • Easy and safe system integration with Keysight and Keithley power device analyzers

3D Manual Controls on CM300xi

3D Manual Controls

  • Virtual Platen Lift and XY knobs at front
  • Intuitive, and precise movement of chuck in X, Y, and Z-direction
  • Platen Lift enables extremely rapid and intuitive way in performing many alignment tasks like setting up the contact height

Material Handling Unit (MHU301)

Material Handling Unit (MHU301)

  • For fast handling of 200/300 mm wafers
  • Load/unload wafer to hot/cold chuck (-60° C to +300° C)
  • Integrated pre-aligner for flat/notch detection
  • Barcode/2D Matrix code/OCR wafer code recognition from both sides (option)
  • Quick Access Port option for higher throughput and additional wafer storage
  • SEMI-compliant load port for up to 25 wafers
  • For FOUP and FOSB 300 mm wafer cassettes

Thermal Measurements

Thermal Measurements

  • Wide range of extremly performant, reliable thermal chuck systems from ATT
  • Flexibility from hot only to full thermal range of -60°C to +300°C
  • Up to 25% lower air consumption (CDA) than other systems in the market (300l/min) with no compromise in transition times
  • Up to 15% faster transition times than other systems in the market
  • Patented MicroVac™ and FemtoGuard™ Technologies, providing ultra-low noise measurements and controlled leakage, low residual capacitance for repeatability and advanced measurement accuracy and speed
  • Field-upgradeable: grows with your needs

Remote Operation

Remote operation from home or anywhere in the world

  • Safely and easily place probes down in contact with the test pads (full capability with motorized positioners)
  • Safely move the wafer to different test sites
  • View and manage live microscope viewing of the probes and the wafer
  • View Wafer Map test plans
  • Initiate remote test programs to gather and analyze test data

Velox Probe Station Control Software

  • User-centered design minimizes training costs and enhances efficiency
  • Windows 10 compatibility enables highest performance and safe operation with state-of-the-art hardware
  • Comprehensive alignment functions – from simple wafer alignment and mapping to advanced probe-to-pad alignment over multiple temperatures for autonomous semiconductor test
  • Simplified operation for inexperienced users: Reduced training costs with Workflow Guide and condensed graphical user interface
  • VeloxPro option: SEMI E95-compliant test executive software that enables simplified and safe automation of the entire wafer test cycle

  • High Power

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