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  • CM300xi Probe Station
  • 300 mm Automated Probe Station with Loader
  • CM300xi with Loader
  • 300 mm Automated Probe System
  • 300 mm RF Probe Station CM300xi with Focus Microwaves Delta Tune
  • CM300xi with Virginia Diodes Mini VNA Ext

Best-in-class measurement performance at a high level of automation in the lab*

The CM300xi probe station meets the measurement challenges brought on by extremely complex environments, such as unattended testing on small pads over time and at multiple temperatures. Best-in-class measurement performance is achieved for a wide range of applications in an EMI-shielded, light-tight and moisture-free test environment. Thermal management enhancements and lab automation capabilities result in improved yields and faster time to data. For cold temperature testing, FormFactor’s open IceShield™ environment is also available for the CM300xi.

The CM300xi supports Contact Intelligence™ – a unique technology which enables autonomous semiconductor test. A powerful combination of innovative system design and state-of-the-art image processing provides an operator-independent solution to achieve highly-reliable measurement data at any time and temperature.

With the material handling unit, the CM300xi probe station combines fully-automated wafer test with highest accuracy and flexibility. The system can handle up to fifty 200 or 300 mm wafers provided in SEMI-standard wafer cassettes.

*The CM300 probe station is also available in different versions for measurement tasks that do not need the enhanced feature set as described above. Please refer to the CM300xi Probe System Data Sheet for details and options.

CM300xi Flexible Probe System


  • DC, AC and RF/microwave device characterization, 1/f, WLR, FA and design debug
  • Full thermal range of -60°C to +300°C
  • Compatible with TopHat or IceShield
  • Usage of manual and motorized positioners, probe cards within EMI-shielded environment
  • Upgrade path to meet your future needs
  • Stable and repeatable measurements over a wide thermal range

Reliable Probe Contact

High accuracy and repeatability

  • Reliable and repeatable contact
  • Moisture-free, light-tight and EMI-shielded test environment with MicroChamber® technology
  • Advanced EMI-shielding with PureLine and AttoGuard technologies available
  • Superior low-leakage and low-noise measurements
  • Safe and accurate hands-off testing
  • Minimizes settling times for efficient measurements over full thermal range


Easy Manual Wafer Loading

Easy manual wafer loading

  • Chuck mounted on rollout stage that can be opened manually
  • Enables full access to the chuck and the auxiliary sites
  • For fast and safe manual loading and unloading of wafers

3D Manual Controls on CM300xi

3D Manual Controls

  • Virtual Platen Lift and XY knobs at front
  • Intuitive, and precise movement of chuck in X, Y, and Z-direction
  • Platen Lift enables extremely rapid and intuitive way in performing many alignment tasks like setting up the contact height

Contact Intelligence

Contact Intelligence Technology

  • High thermal stability components
  • On-axis probe-to-pad alignment
  • Automated temperature ramp
  • Soak time management
  • Enables CM300xi to sense, learn and react to multiple temperatures and small pad layouts
  • Provides the most accurate probe to pad alignment


Probe Station with Economic Thermal System

Thermal Measurements

  • Wide range of extremly performant, reliable thermal chuck systems from ATT
  • Flexibility from hot only to full thermal range of -60°C to +300°C
  • Up to 25% lower air consumption (CDA) than other systems in the market (300l/min) with no compromise in transition times
  • Up to 15% faster transition times than other systems in the market
  • Patented MicroVac™ and FemtoGuard™ Technologies, providing ultra-low noise measurements and controlled leakage, low residual capacitance for repeatability and advanced measurement accuracy and speed
  • Field-upgradeable: grows with your needs

CM300xi with MHU probe system

Automated test

  • Thermally induced drift can be automatically re-aligned for 30 μm pads in a temperature range from -40°C to 150°C (the effective temperature range depends on pad size, probe card holder and probe card)
  • Enables unattended tests on small pads down to 30 μm over time and at multiple temperatures
  • Faster time to data

CM300-O - Modular design

Modular design

  • 3 performance level configurations (fully-shielded / shielded / open)
  • Many options to suit your budget / test needs

Choose now or upgrade later in the field:

  • PTPA option with chuck and platen camera
  • 3 automation levels: Semi-automated, Fully-automated, Dual systems
  • Non-thermal, hot-only and full-thermal range from -60°C to 300°C

300 mm Automated Probe System

Test Productivity and Material Handling Unit

  • Test automation out-of-cassette for higher test cell efficiency for over-night/over-weekend operation
  • Handles up to 25/50 wafers (200 or 300 mm)
  • SEMI-standard cassette hot-swap capability
  • Safe wafer handling without operator attendance
  • MHU301: Very compact fully-automated solution with low footprint
  • MHU300: Upgradable in the field to dual-prober system
  • Fast delivery of a wide variety of precise model parameters
  • Accelerated process and device development

Velox Probe Station Control Software

Velox Probe Station Control Software

  • User-centered design minimizes training costs and enhances efficiency
  • Windows 10 compatibility enables highest performance and safe operation with state-of-the-art hardware
  • Comprehensive alignment functions – from simple wafer alignment and mapping to advanced probe-to-pad alignment over multiple temperatures for autonomous semiconductor test
  • Simplified operation for inexperienced users: Reduced training costs with Workflow Guide and condensed graphical user interface
  • Loader integration – Easy creation of workflows and receipts and no need for any additional software
  • VeloxPro option: SEMI E95-compliant test executive software that enables simplified and safe automation of the entire wafer test cycle

  • Failure Analysis
  • IV/CV
  • Reliability
  • RF/mmW/THz


CM300xi with Contact Intelligence™ Technology

Advanced probing technology that learns, senses and reacts to deliver faster time to first data. Align probes precisely onto pads as small as 30 um, compensate easily for a wide temperature range, automate tests for high volume data collection – completely unattended. Contact Intelligence technology will improve efficiency in your lab.


Autonomous DC Measurement Assistant

FormFactor’s Autonomous DC Measurement Assistant enables true hands-free 24/7 wafer probing over temperature and on small pads down to 30 µm. It reduces cost of test and increases throughput by automatically aligning probes-to-pads and managing thermal transition and soak times – without any operator intervention. By dynamically controlling each probe touchdown Auto DC improves test data with optimized contact resistance. Auto DC enables remote operation from home or anywhere in the world.


Autonomous RF Measurement Assistant

FormFactor’s Autonomous RF Measurement Assistant is the only solution in the market that enables true automatic, hands-free calibration and measurement of RF devices at multiple temperatures.


Autonomous RF Calibration and Wafer Probing Over Temperature at High Frequency

Anthony Lord, Director of the RF Market Segment at FormFactor Inc., demonstrates autonomous calibration monitoring and re-calibration over multiple temperatures at frequencies up to 330GHz.


170 GHz / 220 GHz Broadband Vector Network Analysis Solution

FormFactor, Keysight Technologies, DMPI, and Virginia Diodes, have joined forces to deliver a new 170 GHz / 220 GHz Broadband Vector Network Analysis (VNA) Solution that shortens design and verification cycles for 5G and emerging 6G applications.


220 GHz Broadband On-Wafer Probing System

FormFactor's 220 GHz Broadband On-Wafer Probing System shown at the European Microwave Week Symposium. FormFactor’s Giancarlo DeChirico and Gavin Fisher guide the tour and outline the system’s features and benefits.


Remote Wafer Probing with Autonomous RF

FormFactor demonstrates remote wafer probing at high frequencies and over temperature, showing automatic calibration and remote operation at EuMW 2022 in Milan.


Broadband S-parameter Measurement to 130 GHz | Anthony Lord

FormFactor RF Market Director Anthony Lord reviews the challenges of making very high frequency measurements over a broad band, especially at millimeter waves. He discusses the need for device modelling and circuit characterization with high accuracy and repeatability, as well as the challenges of making these measurements over temperature (-40 to as high as +175 degrees C).


Load-Pull Tuning with FormFactor’s CM300xi and Focus Microwave’s Low Frequency DELTA Tuners

Focus Microwave’s new low frequency DELTA tuners have been seamlessly integrated onto FormFactor’s CM300xi automated wafer probe station. The solution provides high VSWR fundamental and harmonic tuning and covers a wide frequency range of 1.8 to 40 GHz.


Turnkey Solution for Load-Pull Modeling and Characterization of 5G Devices and Transistor Circuits

FormFactor has partnered up with Focus Microwaves and Keysight to provide the most advanced turn-key solution for high-frequency fundamental and harmonic load pull measurements up to 110 GHz.


eVue IV Microscope

The eVue IV digital imaging system combines extraordinary optical performance with increased productivity.


SourceOne – Certified Pre-Owned Equipment

You want the best price-performance ratio for your wafer probe station? With our Certified Used Equipment we have an attractive option for you.


SourceOne – Factory Refurbishment Program

Extend the use of your probe station for up to another 15 years with our Factory Refurbishment Program.


SourceOne – Trade In / Buy Back Program

We'll take your probe station back for a credit note.