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  • 300 mm Probe Station CM300
  • Silicon Photonics Horizontal Edge Coupling on Singulated Die
  • Wafer Probing Solution – Vertical Coupling with Single Fibers
  • Integrated Silicon Photonics Wafer Probing Solution - Fiber Array
  • OptoVue Pro– Enables Singulated Die Edge Coupling of Silicon Photonics Devices
  • CM300xi with TopHat
  • Silicon Photonics 300 mm Probe Station CM300xi
  • Silicon Photonics 300 mm Probe Station CM300

300 mm Probe Station with Integrated Silicon Photonics Wafer and Die-Level Probing Solution

The CM300xi-SiPh 300 mm probe station is the first verified integrated measurement solution on the market that enables engineering and production-proven, optimized optical measurements right after installation – without further development. This unique Autonomous SiPh Measurement Assistant provides a groundbreaking set of functions that precisely calibrate the optical positioning hardware to the probe station and verify the performance of the integrated system.

In combination with the revolutionary OptoVue for advanced calibrations, intelligent machine vision algorithms and the exclusive SiPh TopHat for dark, shielded and frost-free environment, the system enables true hands-free autonomous calibration and re-calibration at multiple temperatures. This enables faster time to more accurate measurements and reduced cost of test.

FormFactor’s exclusively developed SiPh-Tools and Photonics Controller Interface (PCI) provide powerful software tools for alignments, data collection and analysis. This includes all necessary algorithms for using fibers and fiber arrays with both surface and edge coupling applications.

FormFactor provides all the tools, fixtures and functionality needed to enable you to be performing silicon photonic probing on your photonic devices in days instead of months or years.

OptoVue Silicon Photonics Probing for Advanced Calibration


  • Revolutionary technology advancement for wafer and die-level photonics probing
  • Real-time in-situ calibrations
  • Singulated die testing
  • True die-level edge coupling
  • In-situ power measurements
  • Advanced calibration technologies
  • Enables autonomous measurements

Silicon Photonics Horizontal Edge Coupling on Singulated Die

Horizontal Die-Level Edge Coupling

  • Highest accuracy in test results
  • Lowest coupling loss
  • Repeatable measurement results due to exclusive automated fiber-to-facet alignment technology
  • Reduced risk of damaging fibers with collision avoidance technology
  • Ease of use for less experienced users
  • Enables close simulation of real-world conditions with device performance closest to the final application


Silicon Photonics Wafer-Level Edge Coupling

Wafer-Level Edge Coupling

  • New innovative combination of hardware and software features to align and optimize fibers/arrays in a wafer-level trench
  • Minimized coupling losses with minimal trench dimensions
  • Easy setup even for less experienced users
  • Repeatable measurement results due to unique fiber-to-facet gap alignment technology
  • Reduced risk of damaging fibers with collision avoidance technology

Silicon Photonics Vertical Coupling

Vertical Coupling

  • Industry standard for vertical coupling to wafer-level grating couplers
  • Positioning hardware is precisely calibrated to the probe station and ready to perform die-to-die optical optimizations in minutes
  • Exclusive Pivot Point calibration determines the optimal point of minimal translation at the fiber/array tip
  • Search First Light feature enables automated determination of initial position for optimization
  • Other integrated features: Incident Angle Cal, Optical Rotation Scan, Optical Scan Data Analysis, Optical Tracking, Align Optical Probes

Integrated Silicon Photonics Wafer Probing Solution - Thermal Capability

Thermal Capability

  • Dark, shielded and frost-free
  • -40°C to +125°C
  • Only solution available that enables minimized air flow impact at cold temperatures to the fibers/fiber arrays for stable and repeatable measurement results
  • Exclusive ITO-coated TopHat window for easy setup
  • Enables hands-free autonomous calibration and re-calibration at multiple temperatures

Silicon Photonics 300 mm Probe Station CM300xi

Alliances Hold the Key to SiPh Test Solutions

Silicon Photonics Automated Calibration Functions

Exclusive Automated Calibrations

  • Pioneering set of automated functions that perform critical calibrations of the optical positioning system to the probe station
  • Step-by-step wafer to probe height training
  • CalVue utilizes uniquely designed retro-mirror technology to view all aspects of the fiber/array without external light and enables real-time in-situ automated calibrations
  • Further exclusive calibration functions: motor calibration, z-displacement calibration, theta calibrations, pzt calibration, planarity calibrations, automatic pivot point calibration

Robust Autonomous Silicon Photonics Measurement Assistant

Proven Performance

  • Exclusive FormFactor-developed automated test methodology
  • Demonstrates full performance of the positioning solution calibrated to the probe station by measuring the coupled power repeatability
  • Verifies that the coupled power results across 900 measurements are within less than 0.3 dB
  • In between each measurement, all solution elements are moved including the wafer chuck, hexapod stages and piezo stages
  • Truly demonstrates the integrated performance and robustness of FormFactor’s Autonomous Silicon Photonics Measurement Assistant

Silicon Photonics Wafer Probing Software - SiPh-Tools

FormFactor SiPh-Tools

  • Powerful FormFactor-developed software package
  • Includes a vast tool set for enabling and facilitating optical probing
  • Automates manual tasks by integrating probe station machine vision capability with optical positioning and test equipment
  • Features: Measurement Position Training, Wafer Training, Automated Alignment Functions, Calibration Wafer Verifications, Optical Alignment Verifications, Sub-Die Management
  • Wide range of tools for capturing, logging and interpreting data

Photonics Controller Interface (PCI)

FormFactor Photonics Controller Interface (PCI)

  • FormFactor-developed graphical user interface to manually control the optical positioning system
  • Can also be used to setup scan parameter configurations and perform initial optical alignment functions
  • Once aligned, all calibration functions are automated and performed through SiPh-Tools

Reconfigurable Fiber Arm for Silicon Photonics testing

Reconfigurable Fiber Arm

  • Configurable between single fibers, fiber arrays and edge coupling holders
  • Flexibility for engineering and volume environments
  • After changing fiber holders, FormFactor’s automated calibration routines will have you back up and running in minutes
  • Custom designed nanometer-accuracy integrated Z-Displacement sensor maximizes the testable area of the wafer and guarantees accurate and repeatable data collection

  • Silicon Photonics


Autonomous Silicon Photonics Measurement Assistant

FormFactor's Autonomous Silicon Photonics Measurement Assistant enables and optimizes silicon photonics coupling. The use of single optical fibers and fiber arrays as probes to couple light into and out of a wafer surface creates many challenges that FormFactor manages through its Contact Intelligence technology.


Solving the Data Center Energy Crisis with Silicon Photonics | Dr. Choon Beng Sia

A deluge of business data flows into corporate data centers each day, faster than anyone can sort through it. At the same time, consumers are communicating, browsing, buying, sharing, and searching—creating their own enormous trails of data and an incredible energy demand at data centers. FormFactor’s Dr Choon Beng Sia presents a paper on the application of Silicon Photonics (SiPh) devices, how these new devices can help lower energy consumption in data centers, why accurate and reliable wafer-level photonics test are needed, and how FormFactor is helping to address the challenges of testing SiPh devices.


imec’s Silicon Photonics Research and Manufacturing Program

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SourceOne – Certified Pre-Owned Equipment

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SourceOne – Factory Refurbishment Program

Extend the use of your probe station for up to another 15 years with our Factory Refurbishment Program.


SourceOne – Trade In / Buy Back Program

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