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  • 200mm BlueRay Probe Station
  • PA200 BlueRay - Fully-automated System

Semi or fully-automated High-Accuracy Throughput

The PA200 BlueRay™ enables high-throughput functional testing of optoelectronic (e.g. LED), MEMS (e.g. pressure sensors) and RF (e.g. SAW/BAW filters) devices. Its precision ensures smooth probe landing with safe, repeatable electrical contact. The PA200 BlueRay is designed for 24/7 operation and can be easily upgraded in the field with a wafer-handling robot.

PM8 Probe Station - Double-side Option

Double-side option

  • Backside instrumentation, e.g.: Integrating Sphere, Fiber setup, Pressure Module
  • Access to top side and bottom side of device under test (DUT)
  • Highly accurate light measurement

200 mm MHU Probe System


  • Die-to-die stepping time of under 100 ms
  • Up to 20 dies/sec (70,000 dies/hour) with MultiDie Testing technology
  • Faster time to data

Z-Accuracy mechanism


  • Highest Z-axis resolution of any production prober
  • Unique Z-profiling function
  • Even extreme variations in height, such as the case with warped wafers, can be compensated
  • Minimized scrub
  • Improved yield

Fast ROI for Optoelectronic Test

Cost effectiveness

  • Smallest footprint
  • Interfaces to all major analysis instrumentation, optics software and testers
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Fast return on investment

Velox Probe Station Control Software

  • User-centered design minimizes training costs and enhances efficiency
  • Comprehensive alignment functions – from simple wafer alignment and mapping to advanced automated probe-to-pad alignment
  • Simplified operation for inexperienced users: Reduced training costs with Workflow Guide and condensed graphical user interface
  • VeloxPro option: SEMI E95-compliant test executive software that enables simplified and safe automation of the entire wafer test cycle

PA200 BlueRay - Fully-automated System

Upgradable to fully-automated system (Option)

  • Field-upgradable with handling unit
  • Test automation out-of-cassette for 24/7 operation

  • MEMS
  • Opto
  • RF/mmW/THz

SourceOne – Certified Pre-Owned Equipment

You want the best price-performance ratio for your wafer probe station? With our Certified Used Equipment we have an attractive option for you.


SourceOne – Factory Refurbishment Program

Extend the use of your probe station for up to another 15 years with our Factory Refurbishment Program.


SourceOne – Trade In / Buy Back Program

We'll take your probe station back for a credit note.