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  • Pyramid Accel Test Program Debug Fixture
  • Pyramid Accel Test Fixture
  • Pyramid Accel Test Program

The Pyramid Accel test program debug fixture addresses the increasingly complex test challenges brought on by today’s SoC and RF devices. It provides a unique capability to reduce time and cost to develop accurate, predictable and reliable production test programs, and reduce overall product time to market by up to 60%.  The Pyramid Accel enables customers to debug their test programs without probing actual wafers, by simply replacing a single- or multi-DUT Pyramid Probe wafer-interface core with the Pyramid Accel, containing packaged devices.  By eliminating the need for a wafer prober during test program debug, Pyramid Accel lowers your cost of test, while streamlining the entire development process.

  • Excellent signal integrity, all the way to the package DUT pin.
  • Multi-DUT capability enables faster debug of complex test programs.
  • Compatible with all Pyramid Probes and all device types.
  • Grypper™ socket option eliminates the need for a special test socket footprint