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FormFactor, in collaboration with Keysight Technologies, Virginia Diodes, and Dominion Microprobes, introduces a new 220 GHz single-sweep broadband solution for high-accuracy on-wafer measurements.

The system provides the best dynamic range, highest leveled output power, and greatest stability for efficient broadband device modeling and characterization of on-wafer devices for next-generation 5G and future 6G technologies.


Measurements Over Temperature

Optional RF TopHat


Autonomous RF Capability

Continuous calibration monitor and re-calibration for highest measurement certainty


Single-sweep Solution

Continuous swept measurements up to 220 GHz


Efficiently Characterize 5G and 6G Devices

Highest leveled output power and best dynamic range

220 GHz Broadband Solution

Over-Temperature Capability

Equipped with FormFactor’s patented RF TopHat, the solution has full thermal range, EMI-shielded, and dark measurement capabilities. The RF TopHat isolates the sensitive extenders from the hot chuck, ensuring the highest measurement stability and maximizing their lifetime.


The I.T.O. coated window provides easy setup of probes, EMI-shielded and frost-free measurements. For dark measurements a cover can be added.

Auto RF

The system is fully compatible with FormFactor’s exclusive Autonomous RF Measurement Assistant* which, together with WinCAL XE, provides continuous calibration monitor and re-calibration for true unattended 24/7 testing and reduced measurement uncertainty.

*Autonomous RF is available on SUMMIT200, Summit 12000, CM300xi and Elite300


220_Probes_ultra close

Modular Solution

FormFactor’s modular RF probe arms can be conveniently swapped with other probe arms for RF, millimeter-wave, Terahertz and Load-pull applications. Positioner bodies can be motorized or manual.


Swap different applications easily! All modular RF probe arms fit with our manual and motorized positioners (RPP404 and RPP504). Fully populated probe arms can be conveniently stored in FormFactor's Storage Pods.

Keysight Broadband VNA Operation to 220 GHz

The Keysight S93301B 220 GHz broadband vector network analyzer (VNA) for on-wafer device characterization of emerging 5G and 6G MMICs.

Create highly accurate PDK models and shorten the design and verification cycle of your next-generation projects with a single sweep from 900 Hz to 220 GHz.

  • Highest level output power at probe tip: 0 dBm at 220 GHz
  • Best dynamic range: 110 dB at 220 GHz
  • Broadest frequency range: 900 Hz to 220 GHz
  • Upgradeable from the 125 GHz VNA configuration with N5295AX frequency extenders

The S93301B software application helps you configure a 220 GHz VNA with the following equipment:

  • One 4-port PNA
  • One 4-port N5292A test set controller
  • A pair of N5295AX frequency extenders
  • A pair of N5262BW05-EBx VDI frequency extenders
  • FormFactor T-Wave GSG dual band probes with 50-to-100-um-pitch

The fully integrated broadband VNA solution using FormFactor's WinCal calibration software and standards provides accurate calibration and the best measurement performance.

Learn more at Keysight.

Station Compatibility

The system can be hosted on the following FormFactor probe stations:

  • SUMMIT200
  • EPS200MMW
  • Summit 12000 and 11000
  • CM300
  • Elite300