COMPASS 2018, our sixth users’ conference is being held October 14th – 16th in Portland, Oregon. Our preliminary program and keynote speakers are now available for review. Here’s an overview of our keynote addresses:

Monday, October 15:  Technology Trends and the New Economy – Marie Hattar, Senior Vice President, CMO, Keysight Technologies.

Major technology trends are fueling a new economy that is driving the realignment of, and new investments in technology, business models, and processes. It is dependent on services and information, with benefits well beyond knowledge workers, ultimately transforming every aspect of our lives.  Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are already optimizing and providing insights into customer behavior, buying patterns and how we look at data today. And the combination of Big Data, AI, and the disaggregation of information is already enabling transformations in delivering consumer content, IoT, autonomous vehicles, smart cities, and more. The pace will only accelerate. From Hyperloop development and driverless cars, to space exploration and the end of fossil fuel usage, the current pace of technology advances is outflanking even the ability of futurists to predict the future. However, realizing the world’s next fantastic innovations will require major shifts in technology along with the underlying IC and semiconductor evolution. And it will have major implications for how we test and ensure the reliability and safety of new inventions – requiring a quantum leap in scalability, distributed measurements, functionality at the edge, and visibility into all communication layers. It will push for revolutionary innovations in test speed, frequency, bandwidth, and uncompromising precision.  Most importantly, it will require a transformation in how we integrate and manage the product development lifecycle process. This presentation looks at these trends, their implications and how Keysight Technologies is helping innovators get ahead of the curve of testing what’s next.

Tuesday, October 16: Technology Innovations Driving Future Growth for the Semiconductor Industry – Dilip Sarangan, Global Research Director, IoT and Digital Transformation, Frost & Sullivan.

5G, Artificial Intelligence, IoT and autonomous driving are some of the technologies that are expected to drive growth in the semiconductor industry for the next decade. As organizations look to evolve from connecting devices to integration and increasing autonomy and automation, the role of data analytics and IoT shifts from “reacting to exceptions” to “predicting and preventing exceptions” using AI, AR and Distributed Computing. IoT is the gateway to digital transformation and successful transition from an analog world to a digital world is critical for organizations looking for new ways to deliver products and services to their customers.

In this session, Dilip will discuss the impact of these technologies and provide insight on applications and markets where semiconductor companies should focus in the near and long term to generate sustainable growth. From fixed assets to mobile to consumers, the use of sensors in every aspect of life will continue to grow exponentially and provide opportunities for companies that manufacture and consume semiconductors. IoT is a complex ecosystem that integrates Information technology (IT) with operations technology (OT) to generate data that can be analyzed to increase revenues and improve business productivity. From big data and analytics to ubiquitous connectivity to artificial intelligence and computing, IoT touches every technology and industry. Survival and growth in this digital world is only possible with strategic partnerships and collaboration.

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We hope to see you this October!