FormFactor will be attending the PCIM Europe Conference, May 7 – 9 in Nuremberg, Germany, Hall 6, Booth 130. At the show, we’ll feature our new TESLA200 high-power semiconductor probing system and related products for power device probing. The TESLA200 system is designed specifically for IGBT and power MOSFET device measurements. Combining next-generation test capabilities, with anti-arcing solutions and wafer automation, the TESLA200 enables wide thermal range and fully automatic thin and warped wafer loading and can provide accurate data at up to 10,000 V and up to 600 A current.


We will also be hosting our users’ conference – COMPASS 2019 – in Hsinchu, Taiwan on Friday, May 24. This free event will be at the GIS HSP Convention Center at the Hsinchu Science Park. Presentations during this one-day event, include:

  • 5G Wafer Test and the New Age of Parallelism5G is leading the way to both higher RF frequencies with the added 28, 38, and 60 GHz bands, as well as the needed improvements in infrastructure with high speed digital devices for data backhaul through the fiber network because of the expected large increase in data needs.  The race to meet higher bandwidth for infrastructure development is leading to a new set of requirements because of the increase in channels and volume.  Because of this, the requirement for more parallelism at high speeds is leading to new probe card architecture.
  • Autonomous RF/mmW Measurement and Calibration to Accelerate 5G Time-to-DataRF device over temperature characteristics are generally required for all accurate semiconductor device models. During temperature transitions the RF characteristics of the probes and cables vary, and need recalibration at different temperatures. Calibration is done typically with ambient temperature substrates, and the probes can cool during calibration affecting accuracy, so very fast work is required.
  • Silicon Photonics – Challenges and Solutions for Wafer-Level Production TestsOptical fiber communications within data centers and the use of Silicon Photonics (SiPh) to implement these optical transceivers present a very attractive option, drastically reducing power consumption, cost and size of these transceiver modules. In addition, the mature silicon CMOS processing technologies and advanced packaging technologies both offer an established production solution to fabricate such silicon-based optical transceiver modules.
  • New Test Flows for 2.5D/3D Advanced Packaging and “Known-Good-Stack” Verification of Singulated HBM2High-Bandwidth-Memory continues to evolve and demand more stringent testing requirement in terms of test coverage & speed as well as probing accuracy. The recent breakthrough of 2.5D and 3D wafer level packaging technologies has opened up many new possibilities and challenges from test perspectives.
  • Overcoming the Wafer Test Challenges of Advanced Power Semiconductor Devices (GaN, SiC, Si)Greater demand for energy efficiency in systems, cars, consumer appliances, portable electronics, and new connections to the Internet of Things, are continuing to drive the advancement of power semiconductor devices, with year on year record-high level demand. As a result, companies and foundries around the world are increasing test capacity in R&D, high-performance device production and general high-volume manufacturing.
  • Hybrid MEMS Probe Technology for Advanced Mobile and High-Performance-Computing ApplicationsLess than two years ago, Qualcomm and FormFactor introduced the innovative Hybrid MEMS probe technology for advanced probing applications.  Hybrid MEMS technology allows multiple probe designs to be used in a single probe head design, with each probe design optimized for a specific purpose.  The technical innovation to enable hybrid design is to leverage multi-layer composite MEMS fabrication technology, which allows the optimal wafer test performance by including otherwise mutually exclusive requirements such as fine-pitch and high current carrying capability.

To register for COMPASS 2019 Taiwan, please visit our registration and event site here.

We hope to see at these upcoming events!