One area undergoing ongoing research is direct probing on fine-pitch micro-bumps that interconnect 3D-stacked dies. Both fine-pitch, low-force probe cards and a highly accurate prober are required, and the combination of our Pyramid Probe® advanced technology and the accuracy of the CM300xi probe station deliver on these requirements exceptionally well.

By offering the capability to create more precise model parameters and achieve reliable, repeatable contact over temperature and time, the CM300xi probe station shortens time-to-market for new devices and technologies.

The CM300xi probe system is loaded with a large number of features and options that deliver exceptional performance and measurement accuracy. Here are some worth noting:

It’s a fully-featured probe system:

  • Full EMI-shielding for highly-accurate low-leakage and low noise measurement results
  • Minimizes settling times for efficient measurements, without compromising accuracy over full thermal range
  • Automated Thermal Management (ATM™) sets equipment parameter relative to chuck temperature
  • Automated re-alignment capability compensates thermal drift of wafers and probes after every temperature change
  • Reliable and repeatable contacts over a wide thermal range on small pads down to 30 μm and microbumps
  • Large scope bridge to mount measurement instruments such as parameter or noise analyzer and VNA, as close as possible to the DUT

It utilizes the Velox™ and VeloxPro™ probe station control and test automation software:

  • Operate machine in a semi-automatic engineering mode
  • Free die-to-die navigation on wafer
  • Individual die testing
  • Easy-to-use SEMI E95 compliant user interface
  • Efficient communication with test executive software
  • Powerful pattern recognition capability
  • Automated wafer alignment, and auto XYZ and theta correction for sub-micron stepping

Quick access to auxiliary chucks:

  • Two patented auxiliary chucks for high calibration accuracy for RF/mmW measurements at frequencies up to 110 GHz
  • Three sites for advanced cleaning procedures and contact verification

Manual wafer loading and unloading:

  • Semi-automated mode to manually handle single die, fractions and small wafers
  • Capability of handling 300 mm wafer frames for thinned wafers on foil (option)

Built-in vibration-isolation system:

  • Eliminates vibration from external sources, such as acoustic and architectural, enabling reliable small pad probing
  • Enhances system stability and reduces damage to pads, wafers and probe tips
  • Easy access from front- and back-side for fast configuration and service

Probing over a wide thermal range:

  • Thermal range -60˚C to 300˚C for characterization and modeling
  • High Thermal Stability platen and shielding solution ensure stable and repeatable measurements

Fully-automated probing with Material Handling unit:

  • Wafer can be fully-automated loaded out of FOUP and FOSB 300 mm wafer cassettes
  • Open cassette adapter for use of standard 200 mm wafer cassettes (option)
  • Auto-Inventory and cassette hot-swap capability for high priority wafer test processing
  • Prober can be upgraded with MHU wafer loader in the field
  • Compact MHU301 wafer loader with smallest footprint
  • MHU300 wafer loader for two independent prober systems to share a single handling unit, enabling greater test cell efficiency and minimizing footprint

The CM300xi probe system offers measurement accuracy and reliability in a solution that is completely modular – whether it’s I-V/C-V, RTN and RF measurements in one semi-automated system, or a fully-automated dual-probe system that handles any combination of 200 mm and 300 mm wafers. With our precision measurement expertise, you can confidently deliver accurate and reliable data for current and evolving device technologies. As a result, the CM300xi provides faster lifetime predictability in the reliability process, and less design iterations in the modeling process. Productivity and efficiency are increased with the ability to test over a wide temperature range, and to maintain probe-to-pad accuracy for testing on small pads down to 30 μm.

For a detailed overview of the CM300xi, visit our website or check out the CM300xi data sheet.