You can now customize your FormFactor 150 mm probe station with flexible modules at an incredibly low price! This makes it even easier to configure your individual probe solution for current and future needs. Simply choose a base station and add as many application-specific starter kits as you need.

Customize a 150 mm Modular Probe Station Starting at $13,880

Some options…


  • Stereo Zoom Microscope
  • High Resolution Microscope

Application Starter Kit (includes probes)

  • IV/CV
  • RF Basic
  • mmW Basic
  • Keysight N5291 (Advanced mmW)
  • VDI Mini Extenders (Advanced mmW)
  • Focus Microwaves Delta Tuners (Advanced Load-pull)
  • Advanced THz
  • Failure Analysis
  • High Power

Positioner Kit

  • Basic
  • Advanced mmW / THz / Load-pull


  • Coax
  • Triax
  • RF
  • Thermal
  • High Power

Base Station – Starts at $7,199

  • Basic
  • Advanced mmW / THz / Load-pull

A probe system designed for low-noise measurements down to fA levels.One example of a possible configuration might be a probe system designed for low-noise measurements down to fA levels:

  • Stereo microscope: 15x–100x magnification with large field-of-view and camera-ready c-mount
  • Four triax probe arms and high-quality triax cables
  • Light/EMI shielding (optional)
  • Upgrade option for fF-level measurements
  • TRIAX chuck with ±8 fine theta chuck rotation, three auxiliary areas, chuck surface with ±5 μm planarity for consistent contact force and overtravel
  • East/West to North/South measurements with single setup

A system for mmW probing up to THz and load-pull.Another configuration example might be a system for mmW probing up to THz and load-pull:

  • SlimVue microscope with quick lens exchange, 1 μm opitcal resolution, resolving ‹50 μm pads
  • Engraved guides on mmW platen for application-specific starter kits
  • Supports broadband, load pull, coax RF and banded waveguide configuration
  • Optical feedback on platen position (gauge)
  • Rock-solid mechanical design and vibration isolation platform
  • Submicron stage accuracy
  • Motorized positioners
  • <+-1 μm separation repeatability
  • Micrometer-accuracy and repeatable probe placement and over travel

For configuration examples and final pricing, be sure to visit our website.