Our RFgenius on-wafer S-parameter measurement package includes all the critical components you need to achieve accurate measurements at an affordable price – everything from a probe station to even a network analyzer. All of it validated and proven to deliver leading-edge performance measurements. This entry-level system is the perfect, easy-to-purchase choice for universities and schools with minimum lab space.

The RFgenius package includes all critical components to perform highly accurate measurements. Not only the probe station, probes, positioners, cables, calibration substrate and calibration software but also the Vector Network Analyzer (VNA) – an industry first.

The performance envelope of the solution has been further enhanced and goes far beyond a simple product bundle. The perfect integration of the components, paired with advanced ergonomics and easily accessible controls, guarantee best usability and highly precise measurements. You get:

  1. 150 mm manual probe station:
    • RF-chuck +/- 3 μm surface planarity
    • Unique 200 μm platen contact/separation stroke with less than or equal to 1 μm accuracy for repeatable contact
    • Precision probe alignment
    • Consistent contact force and overtravel
    • Stable contact performance
  1. Keysight Technologies VNA:
    • Wide frequency coverage: 4.5, 6.5, 9, 14, 20, 26.5 GHz
    • Full 2-port VNA
    • Small, compact form factor
    • Same calibration and metrology across all trusted Keysight VNAs
    • Common GUI with the Keysight VNAs
    • Ability to extend the number of ports
  1. Probes and cables:
    • Infinity Probe – best for AI (Si)
    • ACP Probe – best for AU (III-Vs)
    • |Z| Probe – robust solution with a long lifetime
    • Precision contact on a wide variety of materials
    • Accurate results with excellent crosstalk
    • Matching cables and substrates included
  1. Calibration tools:
    • Exclusive 1-, 2-, 3-, and 4-port on-wafer calibration algorithms
    • Automated calibration monitoring
    • Unique measurement and analysis methods
    • Accurate S-parameter measurements
    • Automatic calibration setup for higher efficiency
    • Fast and easy data interpretation and reporting

You get this complete package, along with available support, installation, and training. We have the test expertise needed to help you be successful whether you make critical measurements or just want to learn how to do on-wafer S-parameter measurements.

Check out RFgenius on our website or download the brochure.