Each year FormFactor’s COMPASS users’ group conference brings together FormFactor customers from around the world to discuss the products and technologies shaping our future. At the event, industry leaders and speakers from corporations, leading-edge research institutions and FormFactor, share test insights on a wide variety of emerging applications, such as 5G, silicon photonics, trends in advanced packages, and millimeter-wave measurement and calibration.

COMPASS 2020 is scheduled for November 17th (in US/Europe time zones) and November 18th (in Asia time zones). The event will feature a three-hour program which will include keynote and technical presentations (each approximately 20-25 minutes), and a roundtable/breakout session for Q&A.

A sneak-peek at the upcoming COMPASS conference promises a great event with lots of great topics:

Keynote Speakers (Advanced Packaging)

  • Hamid Azimi – Intel: “Heterogeneous Integration – An Advanced Packaging View”
  • Mike Slessor – FormFactor: “Probe in the Spotlight – A Key Enabler for Advance Packaging, Chiplets, and Heterogeneous Integration”


  • “The Advancement of THz Test & Measurement Equipment for 5G, 6G and Beyond” (VDI)
  • Lightning Session 1 –“ Load-pull Probe Station for Characterization of 5G Devices and Circuits at Wafer-level”
  • Lightning Session 2 – “Next Generation, Fine Pitch HBM Cube Characterization to Production”
  • “ADR Cryostats and 4 K Cryogenic Probe Stations” (HPD)
  • “1/f Noise Challenges and Solutions” (Keysight)
  • Lightning Session 3: “Surface Metrology for Advanced Packaging Applications”
  • Lightning Session 4: “Production Testing of 5G and mmW Applications”
  • Moderated Q & A

For more information or to register for the online COMPASS conference, https://compass.formfactor.com/