Join us virtually for the International Microwave Symposium. The on-demand show is available from August 4th through September 30th, and the live stream event is from August 4th to the 6th. During the live stream event, you can log into our “virtual booth” and visit with us real time through a live Zoom conference. We will man the booth for this live interaction from 9AM to 9PM PDT.

In addition to our virtual booth, we also are featuring a MicroApps presentation from Craig Kirkpatrick – WinCal, the Microwave Engineer’s Toolkit:

FormFactor’s WinCal software is a trusted software tool for achieving the best Vector Network Analyzer calibrations possible with integrated circuit wafer probes. This presentation will leave you saying “Wow, I did not know WinCal could do that!” Features such as the math scratchpad, sequencing capability, the graphing tool, and the remote API will be explained by rich examples.

We will also have an industry workshop with Gavin Fisher and Craig Kirkpatrick – Best Practices for Thermal on Wafer S-parameter Measurements:

This workshop will highlight the best methods for setting up, calibrating, and evaluating measurement performance in coaxial probes up to 145 GHz and in waveguide bands spanning WR15 (75 GHz) to WR1 (1100 GHz) over a broad (-40 to 125c) temperature range.

We will present a novel means by which directly-connected waveguide probe can still be used for reliable over-temperature testing on a semi-automated wafer prober and maintain ease of operation.

Practical programming examples using WinCalXE software will be demonstrated automating data measurement and analysis for on wafer parametric measurements, and to evaluate system stability and performance.

We hope to see you virtually in early August!