Here at FormFactor, we strive to be a company that makes diversity and inclusion a priority. Not just because it’s the smart thing to do, but because we know that companies with diverse teams are better at innovating. And since our business relies on relentless innovation, attracting, engaging and retaining diverse individuals with a passion for science and invention is a corporate imperative. Our commitment to diversity starts at the top.

And today, with three women on our board of ten directors, we’re proud to say that our board is of one of the most diverse in our industry. Kelley Steven-Waiss, Rebeca Obregon-Jimenez, and Sheri Rhodes bring way more than gender diversity to our board. With unique backgrounds in diverse industries, they bring wisdom and fresh perspectives that influence how we innovate and build products that generate value for our customers.

Improving diversity and inclusion in our global organization is a work in progress. And while we’re making steady gains, there’s much more to be done. We can’t fix what we don’t measure which is why we’re committed to continuously tracking our progress on all fronts. Although we’re in the early stages of this effort, we intend to report updates on successes and areas of strength, as well as areas that need improvement. We expect to learn much along the way. We’ll report on that too.

When every employee has equal access to opportunities and feels that their voice is heard and reflected in everything we do as a company, innovation can thrive. Big ideas are amplified and there’s less room for group- think. That’s why we empower our managers to embed inclusive practices in every business function at Form- Factor. We know that game-changing ideas don’t take shape in silos; they flourish best when the status quo is fearlessly and safely challenged by different thoughts and ideas from employees collaborating across functions. Our customers embrace thought diversity to build devices that are enabling technology trends like 5G telecommunications, artificial intelligence, connected cars, smart cities, and so much more. As an important player in that complex ecosystem, we do too.

Our own Sarah Shields, SPHR and Amy Leong, join 3D InCites Françoise von Trapp for a discussion of diversity and inclusion at FormFactor and our recruiting and support of women in STEM roles. This discussion can be found at the 3D InCites SEMI Americas Virtual Booth with feature interviews.