The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has caused numerous challenges for nearly every business, including semiconductor testing and access to labs. That said, our Autonomous RF Measurement Assistant is designed to perform S-Parameter Measurements completely unattended – from home!

The Autonomous RF Measurement Assistant can, at the touch of a button, run your probe station remotely over days without any operator intervention. By simplifying the majority of test sequences, the test executive never needs to ask the system to calibrate, monitor, or soak. It controls, calibrates, and measures all of your devices on all your wafers, at all temperatures, from anywhere in the world.

Calibration Monitor and Re-Calibration
  • The system continuously monitors calibration drift.
  • It automatically re-calibrates the system should the drift exceed a pre-defined limit.
Designed for Unattended Use
  • Measurements can be left running overnight.
  • The system tests all devices on the wafer, and at the different temperatures without the need of the operator.
Increased Throughput and Productivity
  • The system delivers true, 24/7 testing, even over temperature.
  • The system will re-align the probes to the pads if they drift away from alignment.
  • System can adjust probe spacing to suit all the different devices topologies in your test plan

Autonomous RF Measurement Assistant allows customer to maximize their tool utilization while freeing key staff members up for other tasks and at the same time increasing measurement accuracy. The return on investment with Auto RF should be within months.

For more information, visit our website or download the Autonomous RF Measurement Assistant brochure (PDF). If you’d like to schedule one of our remote demonstrations visit our virtual demo schedule page.