FormFactor’s COMPASS users’ group conference is just around the corner. This year it will be held virtually on November 11th, with two sessions accommodating the US/EU and Asia. Industry leaders and speakers from corporations, leading-edge research institutions and FormFactor share test insights on a wide variety of emerging applications, such as 5G, trends in advanced packages, next generation memories and other devices, ultra-low noise testing, cryogenic probing and millimeter-wave measurement and calibration.

Here’s the conference line up and agenda:

9:00 – Introduction by Timothy McMullen, Senior Director, Strategic Marketing, FormFactor

9:05 – Executive Welcome and Roadmap by Amy Leong, CMO and Senior VP, Mergers and Acquisitions, FormFactor

9:15 – Keynote Address: Path to a Useful Quantum Computer by Mark Thompson, Chief Technologist, PsiQuantum

10:00 – Partner Presentation: Efficient Wafer & Chip Test by Dr. HansJoerg Haisch, Program Manager, Integrated Photonics Test Solutions, Keysight Technologies

10:25 – Technical Presentation: mW Test Solutions for 5G-FR2 by Daniel Bock, RF Applications Engineer, FormFactor

10:40 – Technical Presentation: Too Hot to Test for Leading-Edge SoC and Heterogenous Integrated IC Stack by Markus Kindler, Managing Director, ATT Advanced Temperature Test Systems, FormFactor

11:10 – Customer Presentation: Characterization of 1/f Noise at Wafer Level Using CMS300xi-ULN by Lorenzo Labate, Characterization & Modeling Project Manager and Fausto Simioni, STMicroelectronics

11:35 – Technical Presentation: FRT Metrology for Advanced Packaging by Kenan Goerguelue, Head of Sales & Business Development, FRT Division, FormFactor

11:45 – Technical Presentation: Probe Card Solutions to Address Leading Edge Advanced Packaging Test Requirements by Alan Liao, Director of Product Marketing, FormFactor

11:55 – Closing Remarks

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