Here at FormFactor, we value energy efficiency and recognize the importance of addressing climate change. Our commitment to environmentally conscious operations requires that we continuously seek opportunities to reduce the amount of energy consumed, and the greenhouse gasses emitted, as a result of our activities.

All FormFactor personnel are expected to consider the potential impacts of their conduct and business decisions to help reduce the climate impact of our global operations, such as:

  • Manufactured with Green EnergyIdentifying and deploying programs and actions to improve energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions at each of our manufacturing sites and offices
  • Supporting global environmental conservation efforts to achieve balance between human activities at work and in our communities, and the need to address climate change
  • Continuously searching for innovative ways to contribute to the efforts of our customers and communities to address climate change
  • Promoting the use of renewable and cleaner energy sources
  • Engaging in environmental education and collective efforts regarding energy conservation and climate change prevention
  • Seeking improvements in energy efficiency and greenhouse gas reductions in our supply chain and in the use of our products

Our focusing on energy and climate helps to ensure that we are strong participants in the vital efforts to protect our planet for the benefit of all people worldwide, including the especially vulnerable communities which are already profoundly suffering from the effects of climate change.

We are excited to announce that our Probe Systems group in our Dresden, Germany facility will only use electrical energy from hydropower plants that meets the enhanced criteria of TÜV SÜD certification for the generation of electricity from renewable energies.

The use of green electricity from renewable energies is a logical next step, with which we take our social responsibility and make a contribution to the protection of our ecosystems.

We look forward to sharing more ideas and actions as our commitment to energy savings and the environment continues to build.