We are excited to announce a new webinar series designed around semiconductor test strategies for handling the data explosion. Here are details:

Delivering Advanced mm-Wave Load-Pull Measurements

The ramp-up of 5G mm-Wave technologies comes with substantial enhancements in connectivity, promising to revolutionize our world. A fundamental requirement of 5G devices is to maximize performance by optimizing the power and/or efficiency of the amplifiers and transistors. This is done by measuring the performance characteristics of the device at different impedances that are systematically changed using load-pull tuners.

FormFactor’s Anthony Lord, and Focus Microwave’s Vince Mallette, will discuss how the two companies, together with Keysight Technologies, deliver a fully integrated probe solution for accurate on-wafer mm-Wave load-pull measurements that provide a number of benefits, including:

  • Low-Loss Measurement Channel for Maximized Tuning Range
  • Accurate Probing of Small Pads for High Resolution with a Perfect Fit
  • Coaxial Calibration with the Highest Phase Stability
  • EMI and light-tight testing at a wide temperature range, including tests down to -40°C without a build-up of frost and condensation

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Unattended RF Measurement and Calibration for 5G Device Characterization and More

New generations of 5G devices can have dozens of RF channels operating at high frequency, creating a need for a greater on wafer test volume. In engineering, more device tests are needed to support the expanded speed bands, increasing the workload to complete testing. How can test engineers manage the load? What if the probers could operate unattended — start a test and measure during a whole shift, overnight, or even over the weekend? There is a real, hands-free solution that provides fast, accurate measurements with high throughput — leading to more accurate design models and faster time to market.

FormFactor’s Gavin Fisher, and Keysight Technologies’ Suren Singh, will share how an autonomous wafer probe system can deliver the following:

  • Automatically perform wafer and die soaks to get the probes quickly to consistent operating temperature
  • Quickly and automatically clean probes and then calibrate at mmw frequencies without user input
  • Adjust automatically to multiple probe-to-probe spacings for different device geometries in a single test run
  • Monitor calibration drift and recalibrate on the fly when necessary
  • Work seamlessly for full temperature range -60 to 175C operation using N5291A Solution, from Keysight technologies, providing single sweep operation of 900 Hz to 130 GHz, and beyond this using Virginia diodes Waveguide mini modules and waveguide probes

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For additional details on these webinars, please visit our Data Explosion Webinars page on our site.