There are two upcoming events continuing our webinar series – Semiconductor Test Strategies for the Data Explosion.


December 2 – Strategies for Enabling Quantum Development with Test and Measurement from 77K Down to milli-Kelvin by Jack DeGrave, Business Development Scientist in Quantum Technologies, FormFactor

Quantum computing will likely utilize numerous new technologies which operate at different cryogenic temperatures. For example, a quantum computer might deploy CMOS memory modules at 77K, superconducting control chips at 4K, and a quantum processing unit (QPU) at less than 20 mK. To develop and deploy these various subsystems and technologies, it is vital to reliably and efficiently test and measure them at or near their operating temperatures.

The webinar will cover:

  • Technologies being explored at 77K, 4K, and milli-Kelvin for deployment in a quantum computer
  • Challenges faced by researchers when performing cryogenic characterization measurements
  • The leading solutions to measure cryogenic device and circuit performance at the wafer-scale and chip-scale

December 2, 9am China Standard Time – Register Here

December 2, 9am PST, 12pm EST – Register Here


December 9 – Best Approaches for Sub THz Over Temperature Wafer Test by Gavin Fisher, Senior Applications Engineer, FormFactor and Jeffrey Hesler, CTO & Owner, Virginia Diodes

Wafer probing has been done for some time in waveguide at frequencies up to several hundreds of GHz. However, solutions were typically limited by the constraints of large format extenders with large format positioners, which could limit the capabilities for over temperature work or RF performance.

Recent advances from Virginia Diodes Inc. and Formfactor, have allowed for solutions that allow optimal path lengths and the ability to isolate the extenders from elevated thermal temperatures while still also carrying out cold / dry / dark measurements.

The webinar will cover:

  • Latest solutions for optimal path length and over temperature capability
  • Best practices to optimize calibration and system drift
  • Use of WinCal as a tool to evaluate system performance
  • Autonomous RF to allow for fully automated calibration including Multiline TRL as well as automated device measurements over temperature at Sub THz frequencies
  • Real life measurement results

December 9, 9am China Standard Time – Register Here

December 9, 9am PST, 12pm EST – Register Here