Join us for the European Microwave Week Conference April 2 – 7 in London at the Excel London Exhibition & Conference Center. We have a robust Workshop – RF On-Wafer Calibration and Measurement Eco-System – that brings together the on-wafer RF Eco-system providers and users of instrumentation, probes and calibration methods to share experiences and best practices. Here is the planned agenda for Sunday, April 3, from 9:00 to 6:30, in Room 13, along with abstracts for each presentation:

9:00       Welcome- Anthony Lord, chair

9:15       Vince Mallette, Focus Microwaves

10:00    Gavin Fisher, FormFactor

10:45    Break

11:00    Matt Bauwens, DMP

11:45    Anthony Lord, FormFactor

12:30    Lunch

1:30       Jeffery Hesler, Virginia Diodes

2:15       Suren Singh, Keysight

3:00       Break

3:15       Xiabang Shang, NPL

4:00       Discussion

Presentation Abstracts

Vince Mallette, Focus Microwaves: On-Wafer Load-Pull Measurements

As commercial wireless standards move to mmWave frequencies, on-wafer device characterization provides more and more challenges.  The biggest hurdle for passive load pull at these higher frequencies is the loss between the tuner and the device under test.  As we know, loss is proportional to the electrical distance and frequency at which we operate, making it even more difficult to get usable tuning range in the mmWave bands.  A new innovative technique is now available to maximize tuning range for on wafer device characterization, allowing for not only high VSWR tuning but harmonic tuning up to 110GHz.

Gavin Fisher, FormFactor: Probing from Home – Don’t Let COVID or Bad Weather Stop You from Making On-Wafer Measurements 

In this presentation and demonstration you will learn how RF and DC on-wafer measurements and calibrations can be set up and controlled from anywhere in the world with a internet connection.  This is critical in order to carry on making essential measurements when access to the lab is not possible.

Matt Bauwens, Dominion MicroProbes: A Micromachined Dual-Probe for Broadband Single-Sweep On-Wafer Measurements to mm-wave Frequencies

This presentation describes the design and characterization of a micromachined dual-band on-wafer probe. Probe performance and sample measurements are presented.

Anthony Lord, FormFactor: Broadband RF to mm-wave S-Parameter Measurements for Semiconductor Transistor and IC Test

Presenting on-wafer solutions for measurements from KHz to hundreds of GHz for purposes of device modelling of transistors and wideband characterization of integrated circuits, along with overcoming the challenges of over temperature measurements and need for automation. Data of calibration verifications and device measurements will be demonstrated.

Jeffrey Hesler, Virginia Diodes: The Advancement of THz Test & Measurement Equipment for 5G, 6G and Beyond

The presentation will focus on recent advances in THz test & measurement equipment, as well as measurement examples using these systems. Advances include compact network and spectrum analyzer extenders to 1.1 THz with state-of-the-art output power and sensitivity, and the capability of generating and detecting wideband modulated signals. The compact size of these systems is key to their use with wafer probing stations, since the close connection reduces loss and improves the power that can be delivered on wafer.  

Suren Singh, Keysight Technologies: Extending the Keysight 125 GHz Solution to 220 GHz

As part of this presentation, we will focus on the design of the Keysight 125 GHz design for probing and how that it be extended to perform device characterization beyond 110 GHz in a single sweep. In addition, we will discuss the measurement application capability of the existing 125 GHz solution. How this measurement applications help on-wafer measurements be more efficient. Also covered will be some of the calibration capability and e-embedding for power correction to the probe tip which is a key capability for sub -THz measurements.

Xiaobang Shang, NPL UK: Considerations for Making Planar S-Parameter Measurements at Millimetre-Wave Frequencies

High frequency on-wafer measurement is challenging and remains an active area of research. This talk will briefly review key considerations affecting the accuracy of measurement and these include experimental setup, choice of calibration methods, testing environment, crosstalk between probes, and design of TRL calibration kits, etc.

For additional information, check out our LinkedIn post on the Workshop. Hope to see you in London!