There is still time to register for COMPASS 2022. Whether you plan to attend for just one presentation or the entire conference, here’s what you need to know.

COMPASS is FormFactor’s user conference, which brings together customers and experts from around the world to discuss the products and technologies that are shaping our future. Industry leaders and speakers from corporations, leading-edge research institutions and FormFactor share test insights on the semiconductor market today and a variety of emerging on-wafer test and measurement applications, such as advanced packaging, high-power semiconductors, automotive devices, high-speed digital, silicon photonics, and 5G/6G/millimeter-wave mobile devices.

The keynote speaker this year is Guillaume Girardin, Chief Technology Officer at Yole Intelligence – part of Yole Group – and titled Semiconductor Industry: beachheads that drive the innovation. Semiconductor wafer suppliers and more generally other upstream semiconductor material providers continue to enjoy strong demand from chipmakers. However, with an expected demand that should weaken, what are we facing in the next couple of years? Upcoming challenges are numerous, but innovation is still predominant. When touching at the realm of innovative technologies in areas such as 5G, future of computing, or silicon carbide, advanced packaging or silicon photonics, let’s review the most innovative areas of the semiconductor industry.

COMPASS US/EU is being held on December 1 – REGISTER HERE

COMPASS Asia is being held on December 2 – REGISTER HERE

The show is virtual, and the agenda is as follows (times are PST for US/EU and China Standard for Asia):

9:00: Executive Welcome (Mike Slessor, FormFactor)

9:15: Keynote Presentation

9:45: 5G mmWave: Multi-site RF Probe Cards Enable Lower Cost-of-test in Mass Production (FormFactor)

10:05: Matching Module Loss in the Probe Card for Digital Test During Wafer Sort (FormFactor)

10:30: FRT Metrology for Advanced Packaging (FormFactor)

10:50: High Throughput SIC Metrology and Inspection (STMicroelectronics)

11:10: Quantum/CryoCMOS: Enabling the Future of Computing (FormFactor)

11:30: Fully Automated Integrated Silicon Photonic Wafer Test (Ayar Labs)

11:50: Wrap Up and Closing Remarks

For more information visit the COMPASS 2022 website. We hope to see you later this week!