We did it again!

We were once again ranked as the world’s number one supplier of semiconductor probe cards for 2021 by market research firm TechInsights, after growing 9% in probe card revenues year-over-year. FormFactor has held the top position in the report – formerly issued by VLSIresearch – for nine consecutive years.

The majority of our probe card revenues were from advanced wafer probe cards, a segment, which according to TechInsights, accounts for more than 85% of the overall probe card market. Key to our success in 2021 was continued revenue growth year-over-year in probe cards used by Memory manufacturers and Foundry & Logic customers as they accelerated adoption of advanced packaging techniques such as heterogenous integration of chiplets. TechInsights forecasts the market for advanced probe cards will grow at 7% CAGR from 2021-2026 to reach >$3.1 billion.

Our CEO, Mike Slessor, had this to say:

Customer demand for FormFactor’s broad portfolio of market-leading advanced probe-card products for both Memory and Foundry & Logic applications continued to be strong in 2021, contributing to record annual revenue for FormFactor. We value the trust our customers place in us to support their new-design product ramps as we partner with them to rapidly bring these new products to market. As demonstrated by our continuing market-leading investments in capacity and technology, we’re committed to keeping pace with innovation and growth in the industry, as we help our customers bring their new products to market faster and accelerate their profitability.

Some great news indeed!