Our cryogenic test services allow you to avoid the high upfront capital cost of a complete system, enable immediate access to cryogenic data, and ensure you are obtaining the data you need to advance your program. Our Cryogenic Test Lab in Boulder, Colorado, allows you to build custom probing solutions and collect the cryogenic data you need, whether it’s at 4 K or < 50mK, we can help you solve your test and measurement challenges.

Limited Offer: Free Test Service

Limited to the first five customers, we will offer three free test days as part of the test service package. Contact us now to learn more.

Here’s how it works…

We will walk you through a four-step process to define and build the right cryogenic probing solution and to ensure a smooth test day. We are committed to working closely with you to provide the fastest time to data.

The four steps in our test services process are:

  • Feasibility
  • Quotation
  • Preparation
  • Implementation

During the first phase we will work with you to understand the challenges and recommend the proper solution. In the second phase we will define a probing solution, configure the experiment, and develop a test plan. At this point a proposal is generated and submitted. Once accepted, a test date is reserved, and preparation begins. We will manufacture, set up, and evaluate your probing solution prior to the test date.

On the week of the scheduled test service date there will be a set up day prior to the first test day. We will initialize the system so that it is at base temperature and ready for measurements. You can choose to arrive on the setup day to validate the experiment, or you can arrive on the first scheduled test day and the system will be ready for testing as soon as you arrive. A test engineer will be present during your visit to operate the system and assist in test set up and data collection.

Our comprehensive cryogenic test services help you enable your technology, by:

  • Screening for manufacturing defects at cryogenic temperatures to improve device sorting
  • Statistically correlating room temperature data with cryogenic performance by obtaining high volume data at the wafer scale
  • Pre-characterizing Qubits prior to deployment to reduce QPU bring-up time
  • Material characterization of superconducting devices
  • Providing peace of mind on your next purchase by trying cryogenic probing systems before you buy

For more detail on the cryogenic test processes, please download our Cryogenic Test & Measurement Lab Brochure (PDF). You can also visit our website to connect with a test and measurement specialist.