Join us for a new webinar titled – New Solutions for Analytical Wafer Probing of Silicon and Wide Band Gap Power Devices

The increasing use of electric vehicles, renewable energy sources, and other high-power industrial applications continues to drive the development of new high voltage/high current semiconductor devices. While wide band gap (WBG) based devices have many advantages in high power circuits, time to market constraints often dictate the need to test these types of advanced devices on-wafer.

Wafer test of these power semiconductors poses unique challenges, as they often require test currents of more than 500 Amps, test voltages up to 10 Kilovolts and test temperatures up to 200° C. In addition, the wafer probing environment creates additional concerns such as the potential for electrical arcing, the need to minimize probe contact resistance to the DUT, and the requirement to maintain low contact and thermal resistance between the wafer and chuck.

This webinar will cover the basics of on-wafer power semiconductor device test, review the challenges listed above, and explain the solutions available to meet these challenges. After listening to this webinar attendees will have a much better understanding of the issues involved with testing advanced power devices on-wafer.

The two hosts for this webinar bring a wealth of experience to the event:

Eric Wilcox, Director of Marketing, DC and High-Power Market Segments at FormFactor

Eric Wilcox has held multiple organizational roles within the company, including Senior Marketing Manager for the Probe Systems business and Product Marketing Manager for the Reliability Test Systems business. Prior to this, Mr. Wilcox was a Senior Applications Engineer in the Center of Expertise at Cascade Microtech, Inc., and was responsible for the worldwide technical leadership of Reliability Test Products. Mr. Wilcox has co-authored multiple papers with industry experts about next generation reliability test methodologies for presentation at some of the premier IEEE reliability conferences and has obtained a US patent for innovative systems and methods of performing electromigration testing. Mr. Wilcox holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Management from the University of Northwestern – St. Paul.

Alan Wadsworth, Business Development Manager for Keysight Technologies

Alan Wadsworth has over 30 years of industry experience in both semiconductor design and test, and he is the author of both The Parametric Measurement Handbook and The New Power Handbook. Alan has Bachelor and Master of Science degrees in electrical engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and an MBA from Santa Clara University.

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