COMPASS 2023, FormFactor’s test and measurement community event, is fast approaching, being held this year November 13th – November 21st. The event will be virtual in, Europe (November 14th), the US (November 16th), and Asia (November 21st).  In addition, there will be three in-person Watch Parties, including:

  • COMPASS EU – Munich, co-located with Semicon Europa (November 14th)
  • COMPASS US – San Jose, CA Demo Center (November 16th)
  • COMPASS Singapore (November 21st)

The theme for this year’s COMPASS will be Megatrends in Test and Measurement and cover the following focus areas:

  • Future of Computing: Quantum Development, SiPh, High-Performance Computing/AI
  • Advanced Packaging: Panel Metrology, Probe Solutions for AP, Probe Card Innovations
  • Power Semiconductors: Tesla, SiC Metrology, Analytical Probes
  • mmW Test and Measurement Developments: 220 GHz and other high-frequency R & D

The Keynote Presentation this year will be Advanced Packaging: Enabling Moore’s Law’s Next Frontier, given by Dr. Deepak Kulkarni, Fellow, Advanced Packaging at AMD.

Chiplet architectures are fundamental to the continued economic viable growth of power efficient computing. Thus, the criticality of advanced packaging technologies and architectures correlated to Moore’s Law’s next frontier is high. New heterogeneous architectures, along with AMD’s industry leading advanced packaging roadmap, enable power, performance, area, and cost (PPAC). PPAC considerations per product influence the choice of Substrate (2D), Fanout based (2.5D) and Hybrid Bonded (3D) technologies and will be addressed in this keynote. Finally, AMD’s High Performance Fanout previewed in the RDNA3 architecture along with enabling technologies like power delivery and thermal improvements will be detailed.

You can register for this year’s COMPASS here. We will post further updates including a complete speaker’s agenda, in future blogs.