FormFactor is thrilled to share that it has been honored with Intel’s EPIC Distinguished Supplier Award. This recognition comes as a result of FormFactor’s commitment to Excellence, Partnership, Inclusion, and Continuous (EPIC) quality enhancement, leading to a standard of performance that surpasses Intel’s expectations on a consistent basis.

The Intel EPIC Distinguished Supplier Award is given in recognition of consistently exceptional performance across all evaluation metrics. Among the thousands of Intel suppliers globally, merely a select few hundred are eligible to be part of the EPIC Supplier Program. This award represents the penultimate accolade a supplier can receive. In 2024, only 27 suppliers within Intel’s extensive supply chain were distinguished with this honor.

To be eligible for the Intel EPIC Distinguished Supplier Award, suppliers are required to surpass standard expectations, achieve ambitious performance targets, and secure a performance assessment score of 80 percent or above throughout the year. Additionally, suppliers must fulfill at least 80 percent of their targeted improvement initiatives and exhibit robust quality and business systems.

As Keyvan Esfarjani, Chief Global Operations Officer at Intel states:

As one of the 27 Distinguished Supplier Award recipients in 2024, FormFactor stands out among suppliers in Intel’s trusted supply chain. Through their relentless drive to improve, they have achieved a level of performance that consistently exceeds Intel’s expectations and serves as a benchmark across the ecosystem.

It’s worth noting that FormFactor earned the Intel EIPC Supplier Award in 2022 (Distinguished Supplier) and 2023 (Outstanding Supplier) as well. You can learn more about the Intel EPIC Distinguished Supplier Award by visiting the Intel Newsroom or the EPIC Supplier Awards page.