The PA210 BlueRay™ Probe Station redefines the standard for high-speed accuracy, ensuring smooth probe landings with reliable, repeatable electrical contact. Its precision, paired with a unique Z-profiling function, compensates for extreme height variations such as those found in warped wafers. This innovative test approach minimizes pad damage, facilitating device bonding even with the thinnest of pads post-testing.

FormFactor understands that flexibility and modularity are essential for meeting your production testing needs. Our scalable solution adapts as your requirements evolve. When throughput demands increase, you can upgrade to a fully automated system by docking an optional wafer-handling robot, specifically designed for the PA210 BlueRay, directly in the field.

We’re pleased to announce a new upgrade for the PA200 Series BlueRay Probe Station. The main technical upgrade is the new controller, which is now ACS based. With the upgrade of the controller the electrical wiring is also updated, and the motors are changed from DC to Stepper motors. Also, the PA210 BlueRay will come with the latest Velox 3.4.2 probe station control software version and all its amazing features. Note the PA210 BlueRay is not compatible with earlier versions of Velox, and explicitly not compatible with Velox 2.4.x . The new ACS controller cannot be upgraded on existing PA200 BlueRay stations.

Further benefits include:

  • ACS Controller: State of the art & long-term support of control electronics components by the manufacturer
  • Stepper motors: slightly faster, improved accuracy, less electrical motor noise
  • Application Layers: use of new software capabilities like autonomous features
  • Loader: state of the art
  • Vision technology: higher resolution, higher framerate

For more information, visit the website or download the PA210 BlueRay Probe Station Data Sheet.