In our last COMPASS test and measurement community event, Simon Reissmann, Sr. Principal Applications Engineer at FormFactor, gave a presentation titled Pharos Vertical and Edge Coupling Low Loss SiPh Wafer Test with Fully Automated Calibration – From Probe Install to Successful V-groove Wafer Level Test in 90 Minutes. This presentation is now available on-demand.

In this presentation, we will explore FormFactor’s industry-leading silicon photonics coupling technology, Pharos, designed for edge coupling in V-grooves and achieving minimal loss coupling on grating couplers. Additionally, we will discuss the latest silicon photonics software suite that features a new automated calibration routine, requiring only four mouse clicks.

FormFactor’s SiPh solution includes an integrated power measurement function, which quantifies the laser output directly from one of the Pharos fiber channels. This functionality allows users to seamlessly switch from wafer measurements to an auxiliary site, verify the laser power from the probes, automatically position one of the eight channels, and return to the last measured die or subdie to continue testing. All these tasks are accomplished with a single integrated command, eliminating the need for manual navigation and positioning, thus reducing the risk of user error and significantly saving time.

Moreover, the four mouse-click automated calibration eliminates manual errors, ensuring consistent and repeatable calibration results. This automated process not only streamlines the workflow but also saves a considerable amount of time by eliminating the possibility of missed steps.