On January 25th, FormFactor’s Jack DeGrave will be delivering a live webinar titled Quantum and CryoCMOS: Enabling the Future of Computing with Advanced Test and Measurement Tools.

Advanced computing and quantum computing devices necessitate cryogenic conditions not only for the processor itself but also for the control chips directing microwave signals to the processor. These devices typically incorporate superconducting circuits made of niobium or aluminum, with support chips based on cryogenically compatible CMOS structures. Transitioning this emerging technology from the research and development phase, beyond the confines of the laboratory, into engineering-scale production, and ultimately achieving volume production requires specialized tools. These tools must be capable of testing, measuring, and deploying the advanced devices, all within sub-4K environments.

FormFactor stands as the primary facilitator for quantum computing developers, offering a comprehensive suite of cryogenic test and measurement tools, along with deployment solutions. A case study illustrates the implementation of cryogenic wafer probing on SFQ circuits, enabling the acquisition of statistical datasets within hours instead of weeks or months. Another innovative tool for rapid die testing utilizes a cryogenic high-density MEMS probe head, allowing for photonics probing below 2K. Furthermore, FormFactor supports the deployment of quantum devices in milli-Kelvin dilution refrigerator cryostats through a probe socket interface.

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A Little Bit About Jack DeGrave

Jack DeGrave joined the FormFactor Business Development team in early 2021 where he has focused on engaging with the Quantum Development Community members to map out the needs for cryogenic test and measurement, high density I/O device interfacing, and cryostats for deployment of quantum processors. His background in cryogenic test and measurement dates to early 2010 during his PhD studies in low temperature transport properties of helimagnets and skyrmions at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. After graduating, he held business development positions at several cryogenics companies. Jack brings greater than a decade of experience in cryogenic system design and test & measurement.