The CM300xi wafer probe station is ideally suited for emerging markets, customized solutions, and niche production applications. The CM300xi raises the performance bar with new high thermal stability (HTS) capabilities, enhanced soak time management enabled by the Velox™ probe station control software, as well as the VueTrack™ on-axis PTPA (Probe-To-Pad-Alignment) technology. The result is the most accurate, flexible and scalable engineering probe system in the semiconductor lab, most suitable for high volume engineering.

What makes the CM300xi Probe Station unique, and nicely suited to high-volume engineering with extreme accuracy, is Contact Intelligence™ Technology. It’s designed to meet the measurement challenges brought on by extremely complex environments. CM300xi adapts to temperature variance and provides automated drift correction for unattended testing on small pads at multiple temperatures.

The CM300xi provides the lab automation capabilities needed to make critical precision electrical measurements. Contact Intelligence Technology is enabled by the following features:

  • VueTrack closed-loop positioning capability minimizes the need of manual re-adjustment when probing small pads across multiple temperatures.
  • Velox probe station software provides a single command interface for automated temperature transitions continuously managing the separation between probes and pad during temperature ramp.
  • Velox probe station software provides the ability to optimize the soak time after a temperature transition or when stepping across the wafer based on the temperature variance.
  • Realign option is much faster due to the fast focus scan, which minimizes the thermally induced drift during off-axis alignment of probe and pads.
  • High Thermal Stability (HTS) microscope transport enables automated over-temperature measurements.
  • HTS platen provides stability over a wide thermal probing range.
  • HTS probe card holder together with TopHat ensures EMI-shielded and light-tight environment, achieving accurate and reliable small-pad probing (option).

In addition to the CM300xi Contact Intelligence Technology, the CM300xi tackles high-volume engineering needs through its inherent flexibility, accuracy, and scalability. Flexibility, because fast adaptation is imperative with frequently changing test needs. Accuracy, because more accurate data requires fewer measurements for statistical models. Scalability, because customers can start with a semi-automated system and later upgrade to fully-automated system or dual-prober configuration depending on budget and capacity needs.

Be sure to download our CM300xi data sheet (PDF) or visit our website to learn about how this wafer probe system can meet your demanding needs.