The EPS200MMW probe system addresses measurement needs for advanced applications above 67 GHz, specifically at 100 GHz and beyond. Similar to the EPS150MMW platform, the EPS200MMW is engineered using proven design methods to achieve the highest measurement accuracy in its class.

The EPS200MMW is compatible with all current SIGMA™ integration kits for the EPS150MMW, enabling a wide range of mmW application integrations. Especially at frequencies above 100 GHz, probe placement with sub-micron accuracy on calibration substrates and DUTs is critical for accurate and repeatable measurement results. The EPS200MMW addresses this need with its rigid cast base frame, solid platen with four-point support, and a highly-refined granite base plate. Its innovative fine-glide chuck stage offers both wide-range coarse movement and submicron-level fine movement, in combination with a rigid support, making the EPS200MMW the best choice for applications up to THz range.

The EPS200MMW is a dedicated probing solution designed to provide out-of-the-box functionality to achieve accurate measurement results in the shortest time. Some of the key benefits the EPS200MMW offers:

  1. Help make everyone an expert – The EPS200MMW utilizes the best-known methods and design for the highest measurement accuracy up to THz.
  2. Ensure calibration accuracy – The EPS200MMW includes WinCal XE™, the leading RF on-wafer calibration software available in the industry.
  3. Increase the dynamic range and directivity – The EPS200MMW provides the shortest signal path from instrument to device using a modular SIGMA kit, which always ensures optimum instrumentation integration.
  4. Protect your investment in the future – The EPS200MMW is easily configurable and can be upgraded as your requirements grow.
  5. Minimal training is required – Designed for convenience and ease-of-use.

With a solid cast frame and a platen with four-point support, the EPS200MMW delivers excellent stability, making it easy to achieve µm accuracy. Its polished granite base eliminates any thermal or mechanical influences, ensuring excellent planarity and system stability. An integrated vibration isolation solution and an optional vibration-isolation table maintain high-quality contacts throughout measurements.

The unique modular SIGMA integration kits seamlessly integrate mmW heads and load pull tuners from leading measurement instrument suppliers, enabling the highest dynamic range and directivity without compromising electrical accuracy and mechanical stability. The SlimVue™ microscope mitigates mechanical interference for high-magnification optics required for small-pad probing.

The backlash-free X-Y-Z movement of positioners, integrated planarization and a platen lift with 1 μm repeatability enable precise probe placement and contact repeatability, equivalent to semi-automated systems. The WinCal XE software, verified standards and optimized calibration boundary conditions achieve superior calibration accuracy up to THz range using either advanced calibrations like LRRM or Multi Line TRL, as well as verifying the accuracy of your measurement results.

An intuitive operation workflow with the innovative fine-glide chuck stage, which offers wide-range coarse movement and μm-level fine movement, contact gauge, probe crash protector, integrated auxiliary chuck, and the WinCal XE ensure ease of operation for both the novice and the expert user.

Designed for upgradeability, the EPS200MMW system can be easily reconfigured to meet your future project requirements.

Download the product data sheet here (PDF).