Probe positioners place a crucial role in providing accurate measurements. We offer a wide variety of manual and motorized probe positioners for any application from DC to terahertz measurements and beyond.

Engineered for high stability and accuracy, our positioners enable precise, backlash-free and repeatable probe tip placements – from simple IV/CV measurements to highly challenging measurement tasks.

Enhanced with our High Thermal Stability (HTS), the positioners become part of our exclusive Contact Intelligence™ Technology that enables small pad probing over a full temperature range of -60°C to 300°C.

Unsurpassed accuracy and highest productivity are achieved with the revolutionary Autonomous Measurement Assistants for DC, RF and Silicon Photonics testing. These wafer probing assistants utilize our programmable positioners and enable fully autonomous, hands-free measurements – minimizing training needs and accelerating time to market.

Designed and validated with proven quality standards, our positioners are always the perfect match to your FormFactor probe system.

They provide for sweeping application flexibility, including:

  • Device characterization and modeling
  • Ultra-low noise measurements (1/f)
  • RF, mm-Wave and terahertz measurements
  • High power test
  • Failure analysis
  • Silicon photonics measurements
  • MEMS test

Intuitive installation and easy swapping between different positioner arms reduce training needs and leads to faster time to test. In particular, our positioners for RF, mm-Wave and THz measurements are completely modular. You can simply choose between a manual or programmable positioner body and add a specific arm (for example VDI Mini Extender Arm or Keysight N5291 Arm). The arms are equipped with a dove tail that makes it easy, safe and fast to change between different bands.

All of this helps deliver a number of benefits, including:

  • The highest accuracy with backlash-free positioning
  • Best signal integrity using optimized probe cabling systems
  • Drift-free measurements over temperature and time
  • Full thermal capability
  • Easy, and safe swapping between arms
  • Manual or programmable positioners

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