As next generation devices at the 5, 3, and 2 nm technology nodes targeted for 5G and beyond applications emerge, new noise testing capabilities are needed. Smaller device geometries and lower operating voltages, coupled with higher operating frequencies and higher data rates, have raised the importance of accurate flicker (1/f) noise testing and analysis. And low frequency noise, especially difficult to measure, has become more critical for characterizing advanced materials and validating IC performance limits.

We have enhanced the industry-leading CM300xi with revolutionary technologies to meet these emerging test needs with the introduction of the CM300xi-ULN 300mm wafer probing station designed for highly accurate low frequency flicker noise (1/f), random telegraph signal noise (RTN or RTS), and phase noise measurements of ultra-sensitive devices. The new Ultra Low Noise probing station with newly patented PureLine™ 3 technology, enables up to 32x lower noise, for improved device characterization and modelling of devices at the 5, 3, and 2 nm technology nodes targeted for 5G and beyond applications.

When integrated with noise test equipment (flicker noise, RTN, phase noise), the CM300xi-ULN offers the industry’s highest test throughput, using Contact Intelligence™ with motorized probe positioners, enabling fully Autonomous DC and low frequency noise probing with multi-DUT layouts for complete hands-free 24/7 operation.

Finally, the CM300xi-ULN takes the complexity out of low noise TestCell optimization. Just plug it in and go. Low-noise Site Survey and System Verifications significantly reduce setup costs and tool deployment time. This allows lab engineers to focus on getting good device data, that can be used to reduce the number of costly re-designs and accelerate time to market with lower development costs.

Our engineers continue to pioneer new precision electrical measurement technologies, and the ULN showcases these advances. The revolutionary CM300xi-ULN Probing station achieves four significant industry “firsts” in the arena of on-wafer, ultra-low flicker, RTN and phase noise testing, including:

  • First automated probe station to achieve -190dB spectral noise (typical results, dBVrms/√Hz, 1kHz to 1MHz, with prober and thermal system enabled)
  • First probe station with integrated TestCell Power Management
  • First probe station to achieve autonomous flicker noise thermal testing on 30um pads
  • First probe station with customer site surveys, and “low noise” installation verification

For more information visit the CM300xi-ULN probe station webpage or download the product brief.