We hope you’ll join FormFactor’s Peter Andrews – DC Market Segment Marketing, Systems Business Unit at FormFactor – and Arnaldo Sans – Application Engineer for Keysight’s Foundry Services – for their webinar on Low Frequency Noise. The webinar will be held on December 8th (US/EU) and 9th (Asia):

When your own TestCell is creating the noise in low frequency measurements what can you do? This webinar from FormFactor and Keysight will provide insights into solutions presented by 5G and 6G test challenges. You’ll learn:

  • New tools and techniques to eliminate ground-loop induced TestCell noise
  • How to reduce flicker noise for improvement in phase noise
  • How a reduction in low frequency noise equates to an overall improvement in device reliability.
  • How a LFN characterization is being used as a predictor of a device’s performance and reliability
  • How to increase LFN test throughput up to 4X with automation techniques
  • Learn about new on-site location and system verification services that enable guaranteed performance

As Peter Andrews wrote in his article in Semiconductor Engineering – Eliminating Ground-Loop Induced Noise:

Engineers and technicians often struggle in their lab to eliminate the ground-loop induced noise in a TestCell that is used for low-noise device measurement applications. For small applications this is easy, using simple battery power to eliminate unwanted power line frequency noise. And for small applications where AC power is needed, an isolation transformer can be used.

However, this technique has serious limitations when scaling up to support the size and power needs of a TestCell that includes a probe station with full on-wafer temperature support (-60..300oC) – limitations such as high cost, large physical size, complex cabling, safety issues, and increased magnetic field generation.

Register for the webinar and see how FormFactor and Keysight addresses and solve this problem using PureLine 3 patented technology along with the CM300xi-ULN probe system, the first with integrated TestCell Power Management.