Receive a 15% discount* on all MPS150/EPS150-compatible accessories that are purchased together with a MPS150 or EPS150 probe station. Our goal is to make everyone a test and measurement experts regardless of budget, while still meeting complex measurement requirements.

The MPS150’s modular platform design perfectly supports your application requirements – even if budgets are tight. Configure your individual measurement setup with everything you need to achieve accurate measurement results in the shortest time, with maximum confidence.

Qualified educational institutions are additionally granted an educational discount of 7% on base EPS150 packages.

You can now get a complete 150 mm Entry-level IV/CV Manual Probe Station with flexible modules at an incredibly low price – just $13,880! There are a number of configurations that you can select for your probe solution for current and future needs. Simply choose a base station and add as many application-specific starter kits as you need. Here are more details and sample configurations.

Some of these applications can include:

  • C-V / I-V: I-V/C-V measurement solution down to fA levels with an optimized full triaxial design in an ideally quiet and dry environment. Low noise chucks with Kelvin connections, as well as triaxial probe arms and cables, deliver a high degree of measurement confidence.
  • RF/mmW: Our packaged RF solution enables precise probe placement on pads as small as 25 µm x 35 µm with 1 µm contact repeatability. Choose from three RF probe technologies to achieve the best solution for the widest application spectrum. WinCal XE™ software provides LRRM and LRM+ methods superior calibration accuracy.
  • THz measurements: Tailored solution that addresses measurement needs for active and passive components through the terahertz frequency range. It enables the highest dynamic range and directivity—all without compromising electrical accuracy or mechanical stability.
  • On-wafer power device characterization: High-voltage probing solution to test breakdown voltages up to 3,000 volts, and high-current probing up to 40 amps for lowest on-state resistance. A shielded environment reduces noise and provides safe operating conditions.
  • Failure analysis (FA): Electrical failure verification, localization and debug with the ability to probe features smaller than 1 µm. Flexibility to adapt from wafer-to-chip-to-package investigation in a matter of seconds, minimizing time-to-data and ultimately delivering faster time to market.

Take advantage of this offer today and request a quote for your 150 mm probe station!

*NOTE: Offer applies to MPS150/EPS150-compatible accessories that are sold together with a MPS150 or EPS150 probe station. Does not apply to remanufactured or customized or special products. Does not apply to third-party products. Offer may not be combined with any other discounts unless otherwise agreed. This promotion applies to all quotes that are provided by December 31, 2021. This promotion is void where prohibited. Additional restrictions may apply.