We have a new video now available: Load-Pull with CM300xi, Infinity Probes and Focus Microwaves New Low Frequency DELTA Tuners.

The video features our CM300xi probe station and Infinity Probes with seamlessly integrated new 1.8 to 40 GHz DELTA tuners from our MeasureOne partner Focus Microwaves. The solution provides best-in-class measurements for load-pull applications of 5G, WiFi-6 and other Microwave devices. Load-pull tuners enable performance characteristic measurements of a device under test at different impedances that are systematically changed.

Newly developed heavy-duty positioners deliver highly reliable probing. A discrete counterweight system eliminates any vibration caused by the carriages moving within the tuners. FormFactor’s Infinity probes offer the lowest contact resistance over longer time periods while covering all tuner impedances. The CM300xi probe station is the perfect choice for accurate semi- and fully-automatic wafer test with full over-temperature capability. Integration with Focus Microwave’s test executive software is easy and intuitive.

Applications include:

  • 3G, 4G, LTE, 5G FR1, Bluetooth, WiFi, Defence, SATCOM

The solution supports:

  • Fundamental & Harmonic Load Pull
  • Noise Parameter Extraction
  • Pulsed Load Pull
  • Reduced Impedance Skew for Modulated Signal