The CM300xi-ULN is a 300mm wafer probe system designed for highly accurate testing of flicker noise (1/f), random telegraph noise (RTN), and phase noise.

These noise issues increasingly hinder advanced analog and digital IC technologies, whose power and performance gains come at a cost of reduced noise tolerance. As a result, device design and validation now require careful characterization of these internal noise sources using highly sensitive equipment. By eliminating over 97% of the environmental noise experienced in previous probe systems, our CM300xi-ULN probe system is an industry gold standard for ultra-low noise measurements.

With the patented PureLine™ 3 technology, the ULN probing system enables up to 32x lower noise (1 kHz), for improved device characterization and modelling at the 7/5/2 nm technology nodes targeted for 5G and beyond applications.

When integrated with noise test equipment (flicker noise, RTN, phase noise), the CM300xi-ULN offers the industry’s highest test throughput, using Contact Intelligence™ with motorized probe positioners, enabling fully Autonomous DC and low frequency noise probing with multi-DUT layouts for complete hands-free 24/7 operation.

Lastly, the CM300xi-ULN takes the complexity out of low noise TestCell optimization. Just plug it in and go. TestCell Power Management eliminates all ground-loop induced TestCell noise and provides fully managed and filtered AC power to the entire system, prober and instruments.

The CM300xi-ULN probe system set the bar with four significant industry firsts in the area of on-wafer noise testing, including:

  • First automated probe station to achieve -190dB spectral noise* to make highly accurate noise measurements of new, high-performance devices (*typical, dBVrms/√Hz, 1kHz to 1MHz, with prober and thermal system enabled)
  • Integrated TestCell Power Management which eliminates ground-loop induced noise and provides fully managed and filtered AC power for both probe system and instruments
  • Fully autonomous flicker noise thermal testing on 30µm pads for up to 4x faster testing than previous generation systems
  • Customer site surveys and “low noise” installation verification to significantly reduce setup costs and tool deployment time

For more information on the CM300xi-ULN probe system, visit the website or download the data sheet here.