We’re excited to announce that FormFactor, Keysight Technologies, DMPI, and Virginia Diodes, have joined forces to deliver a new 170 GHz / 220 GHz Broadband Vector Network Analysis (VNA) Solution that shortens design and verification cycles for 5G and emerging 6G applications.

The partnership has developed this new probing solution to provide on-wafer millimeter-wave component characterization under various conditions. It offers an advanced dynamic range, high output power and maximum stability. As a result, designers can efficiently characterize on-wafer devices and circuits, enabling the creation of highly accurate process design kits (PDKs) used to design integrated circuit models that shorten the design and verification cycle. Additionally, it enables rapid deployment of devices for the emerging 5G and 6G monolithic microwave integrated circuits (MMICs), a type of integrated circuit (IC) device that operates at microwave frequencies.

The joint offering, our new 220 GHz Broadband Solution, enables customers to address the needs of 5G and future 6G technologies that will have a significant impact on communications through the internet of things (IoT) and ubiquitous wireless connections. The fully integrated solution is comprised of:

Jens Klattenhoff, Vice President & General Manager of the Systems Business Unit at FormFactor states:

Equally critical to the new capability are a new line of broadband micromachined T-Wave® dual band probes developed by Dominion Microprobes Inc. and marketed by FormFactor. Each partner in this new broadband solution brings a unique set of technology and talent to solve these measurement challenges. Through close collaboration, we can now provide customers an integrated solution that allows continuous broadband sweeps up to 220 GHz.

For more insight, check out a sneak preview video below: