FormFactor is excited to announce the immediate availability of cryogen-free dilution refrigerators (DRs). These systems are capable of cooling to the ultra-low sub-10 millikelvin, temperatures required for operation of superconducting quantum computers. FormFactor, now the largest commercial DR supplier in the US, acquired the DR product line from JanisULT (Woburn, MA), an established leader in high-quality DR technology. This acquisition now delivers the industry’s most comprehensive lineup of cryogenic products for superconducting and quantum applications from sub-10 Millikelvin to 77 Kelvin.

According to International Data Corporation (IDC), investments in the quantum computing market will grow at a 6-year CAGR (2021-2027) of 11.3% and reach nearly $16.4 billion by the end of 2027, so the timing of this capability enhancement is great!

Our dilution refrigerators can deliver:

  • Cryogen-free operation with pushbutton cooling automation
  • Broad options include probe socket test interface, magnetic shielding, low noise, low vibration, large sample space, and multiple ports for wiring and optics
  • Cooling power ranging from 250 to 600 microwatts at 100 millikelvin, with a roadmap to higher cooling-power for large qubit counts
  • FormFactor’s established worldwide customer support infrastructure

The dilution refrigerators join FormFactor’s innovative suite of cryogenic products and services designed to accelerate quantum research and commercialization. Benefits include:

  • High-throughput wafer and chip-scale cryogenic prober such as IQ3000, reducing device characterization time to hours from days or weeks
  • Adiabatic demagnetization refrigerator (ADR) cryostats for qubit prescreening, ensuring known-good qubits before deployment in a DR
  • Cryogenic RF and DC probe interface, enabling rapid test by eliminating days of wafer dicing and wire bonding
  • Cryogenic Test Services at Advanced Cryogenic Lab located in Boulder, Colorado providing immediate access to wafer-scale data

Amy Leong, SVP and GM of Emerging Growth Business Unit at FormFactor states:

With the addition of these DR systems, FormFactor not only extends its cryogenic capabilities for quantum technology, but also expands its customer relationships with world-leading corporations and research centers. We’re eager to build on these projects and deliver vital solutions to quantum computing challenges from the research lab to high volume manufacturing.

To learn more about our new dilution refrigeration products and cryogenic systems, visit the Quantum Cryogenic section of our website.