FormFactor will be attending the 2022 Microwave Exposition – IN PERSON – for the first time in several years! The event will be held November 30 – December 2, 2022 at the Pacifico Yokohama Exhibition Hall D in Yokohama, Japan. 

Be sure to stop by our booth (F-17) where we will be:

  • Presenting our Semi-/Fully-Automated Probe System SUMMIT200 with Keysight Technologies 220GHz broad band VNA.
  • Presenting our Manual Prober EPS150MMW with Load Pull Tuner. EPS150 series has flexibility for all RF applications.
  • Presenting the latest high-frequency probes and the PQ500 chip contactor for quantum computing, which is compatible with our ultra-low temperature cryostats.

We will have on display: 

  • Semi-automatic and fully-automatic prober SUMMIT200 and Keysight Technologies 220GHz broadband VNA will be exhibited. More on the 220GHz Broadband Solution here. FormFactor, in collaboration with Keysight Technologies, Virginia Diodes and Dominion Microprobes, has announced a new 220 GHz single-sweep wideband solution for precision on-wafer measurements.
    This single-sweep solution is based on the industry-leading Keysight N5291A mmWave system combined with a specially designed sub-THz frequency extender from Virginia Diode. This allows you to leverage your existing N5291A system for a single sweep to 170GHz or 220GHz. The newly developed T-Wave Probe enables continuous wideband sweeps up to 220GHz with minimal insertion loss.
    Also powered by FormFactor’s patented RF TopHat, the solution features full thermal range, EMI shielding and shading measurements. The RF TopHat separates the mmWave extender from the sample heating, ensuring the highest measurement stability and reducing the risk of breakage.

    The system can be mounted on several FormFactor probe stations:
    SUMMIT200 is on display at the MWE booth. The broadband solution is also compatible with other FormFactor probe systems.
  • The EPS 150MMW manual prober with a load pull tuner can flexibly respond to various measurement applications and can handle up to 6-inch wafers. FormFactor has partnered with Focus Microwaves and Keysight Technologies to provide a fully integrated solution for accurate on-wafer mmWave load-pull measurements, including probe stations, analytical probes, calibration tools, and tuners.

    Focus Microwaves DELTA tuners are specifically designed for on-wafer integration and can be placed as close to the wafer as physically possible. FormFactor’s Infinity probes can be connected directly to the tuner’s test port to minimize insertion loss, maximize gamma, and provide very large tunable impedance coverage on the Smith chart.

    The EPS150MMW is on display at the booth. Other compatible models are listed below. CM300Xi, SUMMIT200, EPS150THz, EPS200MMW. There are 67GHz and 110/120GHz versions.
  • We will exhibit the latest high-frequency probe and the chip contactor PQ500 for quantum computers that can be that can be used with our cryostats for fast chip-loading and exchange. Conventionally, wire bonding was used to measure quantum computer chips and devices at extremely low temperatures, and the chips were set in a refrigerator. FormFactor has released a reusable chip contactor PQ500 that does not require wire bonding due to its unique chip contactor technology. By not using wire bonding, it is possible to input/output signals with a high frequency of 20GHz.

For more information our booth location and featured offerings, visit the conference website. We hope to see you IN PERSON in Japan!