FormFactor has two new offerings that help round out our precision quantum cryogenic test equipment.

Wet Dilution Refrigerators

FormFactor’s Wet Dilution Refrigerators has two series of products: the Wet DR-50/250/500 and Wet DR-50-TL/250-TL/500-TL. Both series of dilution refrigerators enable easy and cost-effective cooling to temperatures between 35 to 10 mK.

The sample of Wet DR-50/250/500 systems is located in a normal vacuum (HV) space. It can be loaded when the system is warm with the vacuum can open. The TL series has been optimized for scanning tunneling microscopy (STM) applications. The sample can be loaded into the ultra-high vacuum (UHV) space from the top of the dilution refrigerator insert when the cryostat is cold.

For more information on Wet Dilution Refrigerators, visit the website or download the datasheet.

Helium-3 Cryostats

Helium-3 cryostats are well-suited for STM, NMR, ARPES, and a wide variety of other sub-Kelvin applications. He-3 cryostats can be top- or bottom-loading, configured for “wet” or “dry” (cryogen-free) operation, and with samples in ultra-high vacuum, liquid, gas, and magnetic fields. There are several cryostats to choose from:

  • Custom He-3 Series – We can customize solutions based on a broad range of requirements. Some examples include the He-3BLSUHV-STM (bottom sample loading – sample in UHV), the He-3SUHV-PT (Sample in HV or UHV – continuous flow – wet or cryogen-free), or the He-3 Cryostats for ARPES (designed for high-resolution angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy below 1K).
  • Model He-3-SSV (wet Helium-3 cryostat) – The Model HE-3-SSV insert is designed for standard sample loading with the sample in vacuum.
  • Model He-3-SSV-PT-2 (dry Helium-3 cryostat) – The Model HE-3-SSV-PT-2 is a single shot, cryogen-free, helium-3 cryostat for cooling samples in vacuum. It uses a two-stage pulse tube refrigerator (PTR) for initial system cool down.
  • Model He-3-TLSL (wet Helium-3 cryostat) – The Model HE-3-TLSL cryostat is a top-loading system with sample in (He-3) liquid for fast sample exchange.
  • Model He-3-TLSUHV-STM (wet Helium-3 cryostat) – The Model HE-3-TLSLUHV-STM is a top-loading Helium-3 cryostat with sample in ultra-high vacuum (UHV) space for scanning tunneling microscopy (STM) with atomic resolutions.

For more information, be sure to explore our full-family of quantum cryogenics products and solutions.