We’re excited to announce a new partnership with Focus Microwaves that delivers a turnkey solution for automated load-pull modeling and characterization of 5G devices and transistor circuits.

In order to maximize power efficiency, performance, and noise of 5G devices, accurate characterization and modeling at the wafer level is a critical requirement. Not only at their fundamental operating frequency, but also at the first and second harmonics in order to optimize operating power. Tuning the impedance is key to achieving the lowest power consumption, or to maximizing the efficiency of amplifiers and transistors. With 5G devices also powering the Vehicle to Everything (V2X) market, there is a need for more EMI and light tight testing at wide temperature range, including tests as low as -40°C without a build-up of frost and condensation.

Focus Microwave’s new Delta tuners are designed specifically for in-wafer integration, allowing them to be located as close to the wafer as physically possible. This helps minimize insertion loss while maximizing gamma, delivering the largest cover of tunable impedances over the Smith chart. Their Delta tuners – either fundamental only, or multi-harmonic – can be mounted on either manual or programmable positioners, resulting in accurate probe placements ono the device under test. The programmable positioners then enable automated measurements of multiple device layouts. They can also enable automated on-wafer calibrations even when the device has a different layout to the calibration structures.

Focus Microwave’s Delta tuners are now integrated into our range of advanced characterization semi-automatic, and fully automatic probe stations. This includes the CM300 and the new SUMMIT200 series probe systems. Together, this solution’s ability to fine-tune impedance enables labs, foundries, and IDMs to maximize IC power efficiency and performance while enabling test engineers to cost-effectively measure large amounts of data.