Our unique solution for over-temperature mm-Wave and terahertz measurements incorporates a new, exclusively developed approach to overcome the challenges in precise waveguide probing. The result is highest accuracy and reliable data over a full thermal range from -60°C to +125°C. Optionally enhanced with our revolutionary Autonomous RF Measurement Assistant, the system enables true hands-free calibrations and measurements, reducing cost of test and accelerating time to market.

The solution is available for all manual, semi-automatic and fully-automatic probe systems from FormFactor. Some great features for consideration:

Fully integrated measurement solution

We take a holistic view to developing successful approaches to wafer-level testing of mm-Wave and terahertz devices. We have forged partnerships with other industry-leading suppliers of test technology to leverage each contributor’s individual strengths. We apply its considerable expertise to engineer integration and automation tasks. This creates a robust supportable solution to get you started making optimized mm-Wave and terahertz measurements without further development. Our solutions help reduce costs, time, and ultimately get your products to market – faster.

Lowest possible insertion loss

By bringing the frequency extender as close to the probe as possible, the new solution drastically shortens the path to the device. This considerably reduces the insertion loss which leads to a higher raw directivity and dynamic range at the probe tip, resulting in highly accurate calibrations.

Extremely stable calibrations

The consequent downsizing of the measurement path leads to a minimized thermal expansion as well as improved directivity. The combination of these reduces the drift associated with temperature changes to a minimum and allows calibrations to last longer before the need of re-calibration.

Delivers a full thermal range

With our unique RF TopHat, the solution has full thermal capability from -60°C to +125°C. The RF TopHat was designed to minimize cable lengths, prevent stiction which impacts motorized positioner accuracy, and maintains a dark, shielded and frost-free measurement environment. The exclusive TopHat Window allows easy setup of probes without having to open the MicroChamber.

In addition, as part of our Contact Intelligence™ Technology, the Autonomous RF Measurement Assistant is designed specifically to automate the whole calibration, measuring and monitoring tasks that are normally performed manually by experienced engineers.

Check out an overview of Autonomous RF at our site or download the brochure (PDF).