Engineering research facilities may engage in a wide diversity of technical pursuits, but they share a common set of needs when it comes to test and measurement: they all require equipment that delivers maximum performance, yet remains easily accessible and usable—all the while providing the highest possible confidence level in test results.

Late last year we introduced a modular concept for our best-in-class 150 mm probe stations. This will make it even easier to configure your individual probe solution for current and future needs at an incredible price. Simply choose a base station and add as many application-specific starter kits as you need to customize your system. Each configuration is targeted at a specific test and measurement application area. These might include:

  • C-V / I-V: I-V/C-V measurement solution down to fA levels with an optimized full triaxial design in an ideally quiet and dry environment. Low noise chucks with Kelvin connections, as well as triaxial probe arms and cables, deliver a high degree of measurement confidence.
  • RF/mmW: Our packaged RF solution enables precise probe placement on pads as small as 25 µm x 35 µm with 1 µm contact repeatability. Choose from three RF probe technologies to achieve the best solution for the widest application spectrum. WinCal XE™ software provides LRRM and LRM+ methods superior calibration accuracy.
  • THz measurements: Tailored solution that addresses measurement needs for active and passive components through the terahertz frequency range. It enables the highest dynamic range and directivity—all without compromising electrical accuracy or mechanical stability.
  • On-wafer power device characterization: High-voltage probing solution to test breakdown voltages up to 3,000 volts, and high-current probing up to 40 amps for lowest on-state resistance. A shielded environment reduces noise and provides safe operating conditions.
  • Failure analysis (FA): Electrical failure verification, localization and debug with the ability to probe features smaller than 1 µm. Flexibility to adapt from wafer-to-chip-to-package investigation in a matter of seconds, minimizing time-to-data and ultimately delivering faster time to market.

You can choose a pre-configured solution that fits your specific needs and gets you up and running with a minimum of setup time. We also offer a diversity of ownership options to fit your specific requirements. We also understand that labs dedicated to research operate under a wide range of administrative conditions. In response, we offer many different acquisition scenarios to accommodate your particular situation. This includes an Education Savings Program as well as our SourceOne program for reconditioned systems.

For more information on our modular 150 mm probe stations, configurations, options, and pricing, you can visit our website or download our product line overview (PDF).