Velox™ is our unique probe station control software suite. It is the universal standard for semi- and fully-automated probe systems, enabling seamless communication between the user and more than 15 different platforms.

The introduction of Velox 3.2 takes vision capabilities, usability and user guidance to the next level. The key features for Velox 3.2 deliver industry-leading benefits, including modernized Spectrum Vision, updated Autonomous RF Measurement Assistant and SiPh-Tools:

1. Modernized Spectrum Vision

In line with our Velox user-orientated principles, the new Spectrum Vision has been modernized to become more intuitive. Spectrum Vision acts as a powerful aid in wafer navigation, probe placement, wafer alignment, and sub-die navigation. It works seamlessly with the eVue™ multi-camera architecture and further system-integrated cameras to show a view of the needles from the top, the side and/or the bottom.

All tools and icons of Spectrum Vision are now arranged in a more user-focused manner and right there when needed. A novel, self-adapting workflow guidance has been implemented and intuitively leads the user through different setups, alignment routines and the exclusive Autonomous Measurement Assistants. For better progress visualization, a new modern progress bar has been implemented.

Floating Action Buttons – for easier and faster setup of camera views

  • Go to Light and Image Settings of the selected camera view with only one mouse click

Workflow Wizard – for less training and faster setup times

  • Guided workflows for wafer setups, alignment tools and Autonomous Assistants
  • Workflow wizard shows task-relevant settings and options only
  • Wizard settings can be corrected anytime – no need to restart the wizard
  • Wizard helps with intelligent solutions in case of error

Progress Bar – for status information always at hand

  • Visualizes the progress of setup, alignment and measurement tasks

Toast Notifications – for less training and faster setup

  • Informs users about events, such as “Successful Alignment”
  • Interacts with the user and helps with intelligent solutions

2. Autonomous RF

Velox 3.2 comes with improved automation routines for FormFactor’s unique Autonomous RF Measurement Assistant, delivering faster time to data with increased accuracy. The Autonomous RF Measurement Assistant is designed to perform S-Parameter Measurements completely unattended – from home or anywhere in the world!

3. SiPh-Tools Update

SiPh-Tools, the Velox module for verified Silicon Photonics wafer probing has been updated to provide more automation and enhanced re-alignment for unattended test over multiple temperatures. This reduces manual interventions and enables faster time to data with increased accuracy

As a key element of our exclusive Contact Intelligence™ technology for autonomous operation, Velox 3.2 allows the user to perform measurement tasks faster, safer and more accurately. Velox enables safe and fast wafer loading, easy test automation and measurement system integration, while preventing costly damage of probes and probe cards throughout the entire measurement cycle.

Velox is installed on more than 600 FormFactor probe stations. Strong customer relationships and continuing advancements make Velox software the clear leader in probe station control.

For more information, download the latest Velox 3.2 Highlights or visit the website.