The field of Silicon Photonics (SiPh) is progressing rapidly, bringing forth fresh possibilities and engineering hurdles. As SiPh technology progresses, achieving precision and efficiency is crucial for groundbreaking developments.

At FormFactor, we’re well aware of the complex requirements SiPh research and development entail. With SiPh pushing the boundaries of photonic test and measurement down to the wafer- and die-level, accurate positioning of optical fibers in three-dimensional space is more essential than ever.

This is why we are excited to unveil our state-of-the-art SiPh product range, designed with care to propel your research and innovation efforts forward.

Autonomous SiPh Measurement Assistant

  • Validated integration, verified performance
  • Highly flexible solution for single fibers/arrays and edge/vertical coupling
  • In-Situ calibrations and singulated die testing with OptoVue and OptoVue Pro


  • 300 mm probe system with automated SiPh probing
  • Revolutionary technology advancement for wafer and die-level photonics probing
  • Repeatable measurement results due to exclusive automated fiber-to-facet alignment technology


  • 200 mm probe system with automated SiPh probing
  • Industry standard for vertical coupling to wafer-level grating couplers
  • Enables hands-free autonomous calibration and re-calibration at multiple temperatures

MPS150-SiPh (NEW)

  • Entry-level, manual 150 mm probe station
  • Cost-effective solution for universities and researchers
  • CalVue and DieVue enables users to adjust optical probes for achieving optimal measurement performance


  • Integrated measurement system with Keysight Photonics Application Suite hardware and software
  • FormFactor and partner Keysight applications experts will help you configure a robust, complete solution
  • Probe systems options: CM300xi, SUMMIT200, MPS150

FormFactor adopts a comprehensive perspective in crafting effective strategies for SiPh wafer testing devices. We’ve established collaborative relationships with leading test technology suppliers, drawing upon the unique strengths of each partner. For SiPh test solutions, our collaboration involves Preferred Partners Keysight Technologies for measurement instruments and Physik Instrumente (PI) for positioning technology. Through a combination of our innovative team’s considerable expertise and strategic partnerships, FormFactor is dedicated to providing impactful solutions.