Part of the commitment to our clients is the passion we put into customer service and this can be seen first-hand with our probe system support and service agreements. In an earlier blog, we share 6 reasons why probe system service agreements make sense, and here, we’ll share why performance and productivity upgrades are another integral part of our support commitment.

Continually innovating solutions to solve our customers’ most difficult problems helps keep you out in front of your competition. If there is a component of your existing Probe System that is limiting your test capabilities, look no further than our upgrades.

We have expertly engineered upgrade packages for all of our Probe System platforms to keep your existing Probe System fleet providing you with the performance and increased throughput you require. Here are three upgrades in particular:

Velox™ Probe Station Control Software

Velox is our unique software suite for 200 mm and 300 mm wafer probe stations. It is the universal standard for semi- and fully-automated systems, enabling seamless communication between the user and more than 15 different platforms. Velox reduces total cost of ownership by minimizing training efforts and providing faster time to robust and reliable data.

As a key element of our exclusive Contact Intelligence™ technology for autonomous operation, it allows the user to perform measurement tasks faster, safer and more accurately.

Velox Probe Station Control Software enables safe and fast wafer loading, easy test automation and measurement system integration, while preventing costly damage of probes and probe cards throughout the entire measurement cycle.

Thermal Systems

We offer thermal chuck upgrades on all of our probe system platforms. Our modular thermal chucks paired with either an air-cooled or liquid-cooled thermal system provide world class performance. Faster thermal transitions between test temperatures provide the benefit of less wait time and increased throughput. Best-in-class temperature accuracy and thermal uniformity minimize test result variability. Thermal chuck upgrades are a key step in meeting the increasingly demanding test scenarios of today and into the future.

eVue Digital Imaging System

The eVue IV digital imaging system combines extraordinary optical performance with increased productivity.

Its revolutionary multi-lens design provides the perfect balance between optical resolution, digital zoom and live motion video. The system enables the user to navigate, observe and measure devices faster and smarter than ever before, supporting our unique Contact Intelligence.

The new high-speed focus system allows faster operation, providing highly accurate measurement data in the shortest time. The advanced intelligent lens mount detects involuntary mechanical contact and enhances automation safety. The eVue IV digital microscope is the perfect addition to your probe station.

For more detail on our probe system support and services agreements, visit our website or download the brochure.