OptoVue and OptoVue Pro, our revolutionary technology advancement for wafer and die-level photonics probing are now available on the SUMMIT200 Probe Station. These features include advanced calibration technologies with more viewing directions and significant additional features that enable faster time to more accurate measurement results.

Situated in auxiliary chuck locations on the CM300xi and SUMMIT200, OptoVue and OptoVue Pro enable calibrations to be performed in-situ without removing the test wafer to put a calibration wafer on the chuck. This CalVue feature enables seamless calibrations without operator interaction, resulting in faster time to measurement and reduced cost of test.

OptoVue Pro includes a feature-rich set of tools for optical probing including DieVue for die-level probing of singulated photonic devices, ProbeVue for inspecting and measuring fibers and fiber arrays, and PowerVue for measuring laser power at the probe tip. These tools enable true horizontal edge coupling and probing of singulated photonic devices, inspection and measurement of fibers and fiber arrays, and in-situ power measurements at the probe tip.

For additional information on OptoVue, download the Autonomous Silicon Photonics Measurement Assistant brochure.